just returned online!

Hello all! I just return online after long time, and what i have get too much, as i can see, is lot of spam as answers to some posts :) … but it is not very important!
Instead, i would like to excuse to all people, that had may contact me in any way and that do not have received answers from January; i’ll be online from now on, also if with a limited time, and this almost until September of this year. But maybe, some good circumstance will help to solve problems before and yes … i really hope! :)
By the way, i can answer now, be present to help, work (if it isn’t too much heavy) or fun! Here at axew3.com or at w3it.org. Bye and thank all!

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A new skin and a new plugin soon

As w3images gallery plugin for WordPress version 1.1.4 is a stable release, and w3images 1.1.5 will be maybe released for Christmas time, as little gift :) with all collected suggestions and improvements: but also a new plugin will be added to the WordPress repository: the w3 meta tag plugin for WordPress.
Yes, i know there is already a good one available meta tags relate plugin, or maybe there are more, but after a short review of wp 3.0.1 code, and while building the new (more hot to me) axew3.com template skin, i have code something simple, but so powerful and effective for the site, that add automatically meta tags list in a convenient and easy way, that do not overload bandwidth and take all essentials benefits from natives WordPress functions/classes.
It has been token from the new theme and re-coded to build another useful WordPress plugin.
Hope to finish with all checks and code adjustments in this weekend, also if the inclement time is very short to me this time.

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w3images 1.1.4 released

w3images 1.1.4 fix the batch images upload bug in w3images administration.
Upgrade to 1.1.4 your w3images as it is the most stable and featured (about w3images CSS improvement, please refer to the w3images how to page, under the CUSTOMIZE W3IMAGES TEMPLATE LAYOUT section).

memo -> To upgrade w3images, overwrite all w3images files, wp-w3pup.php and wp-w3images.php in your WordPress root, and the entire w3images files contained inside folder wp-content/plugins/w3images with new updated w3images 1.1.4 files.

Download w3images 1.1.4 at wordpress w3images plugin repo, or here at axew3.com download page.

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w3images 1.1.3 released to fix 1.1.2

Just released the w3images 1.1.3, that fix one of two bugs reported by sascha in this comment: the 1.1.3 fix the single image upload problem in administration, while still need to be fixed the batch upload (multiple images upload) that will be fixed in some hour more with a new release 1.1.4.

The w3images 1.1.3 fixes and additions:

  1. fixed single upload image in administration (the batch upload will be fixed in the 1.1.4 released as soon it is possible)
  2. added the css file contained in wp-content/plugins/w3images/includes/w3images.css. It is added to the header of your theme automatically just in case the w3images page is browsed, and it isn’t loaded on all others blogs pages where isn’t needed. It is now possible to fix the gallery output by editing the w3images.css. All classes and ids will be also improved and precisely explained with w3images 1.1.4 release, but it is working also on 1.1.3.
  3. more fixes

Please, report commenting to this post any problem with 1.1.3: it has been test out before release but users can better discover any eventually problem. Thank to Sascha for his report about problems on single and batch images upload in administration: the single upload has been fixed in this 1.1.3 while the batch images upload will be fixed within 1.1.4 released as soon, but presumably tomorrow.

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