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WP w3all phpBB, WordPress phpBB integration plugin, provide users login/registration, cookie based, between WordPress and phpBB cms installations on same domain or subdomain.
It is easy, light, secure, powerful.

You could skip directly to the Common How To section or to the Install and Configure WP_w3all plugin step more below on this install help page, but it is strongly recommended that you read all the following, and the After Install Help on bottom of this page, to get a general idea and the several ways you can choose to integrate phpBB and WordPress.

WP_w3all let users interact between WordPress and phpBB as one, while CMS files and databases are completely separated. WP_w3all is secure and run fast. You can remove WP_W3all at any time:
it add few rows into WordPress database, and nothing into phpBB.
WP_w3all plugin is completely cleaned up when removed/uninstalled.

What you MUST know:

Please, read ALL the follow with care before install

WP_w3all is tested using latest WordPress and phpBB default releases. Minimum phpBB version required is 3.1 or better. Remember: this is a WP plugin. It do not add nothing in phpBB, except users when they register via WP side, nor go to modify any code on it. The same in WordPress (except the addition of few rows into WP options database table, that are completely removed when you uninstall the plugin).

It is required that default profile fields in phpBB exists (or on profile fields update, changes not affect, except for Email address and Password): please read this post if you have add custom profile fields for users in phpBB, or you removed some default phpBB profile field, and you may want also the user URL updated, that is the unique notable and available field into a WordPress default install. For Buddypress (advanced) follow the same link above.

WP MU-MS (Network installations) read !important note about how to activate this feature and how WP_w3all need to be configured on each subsite: WP_w3all for WordPress MS MU (Network installations)

If you wish to install the plugin to display phpBB content into WordPress using Widgets or Shortcodes, without linking users between WordPress and phpBB read this:
WordPress phpBB integration without linking users

The phpBB install admin (uid 2) is logged in, on WP, as WP install admin (uid 1), and viceversa, also if they have been created with different usernames. If installation is done by an admin that isn’t the default install admin in WP, it is MANDATORY that an user with same username and email address, exist also in phpBB. So, if user axew3 with email axew3@me.you is the admin installing the plugin in WP, and it isn’t the default WP uid 1 install admin, then an user axew3 with email axew3@me.you, need to exist also into phpBB.
if you’re installing the plugin using uid 1 (default WP install admin), then the phpBB install admin uid 2 need to exist into phpBB, for the same reason.

Users can login/out/register on both sides (if you allow this on respective admin settings) phpBB or WordPress, using respective login/registration forms. If there are existent old WordPress users when integration start, they need to be transferred into phpBB using the WP_w3all users transfer option. Old phpBB users are added into WordPress automatically, when as logged in they visits WP first time, or when they login WP first time (also if there is available the phpBB to WP users transfer option, that by the way isn’t a mandatory step to execute when integration start). Old phpBB users, need to use their password to login. Old transferred WP users need to login using WP password (but these old transferred WP users may have to reset their password to correctly login using phpBB login side). Read more about existent old WP users transferred and their password behavior when integration start, into After Install Questions Help more below.

You need to setup phpBB forum permissions options to NOT ALLOW users to change their usernames on their profile or re-use email for different accounts (because these are possible features in phpBB but not in WP). Just follow installation steps here below.

It is also time to inform all lovely and cool people about how bad is my English … i’m sorry!

Install and Configure wp_w3all plugin

phpBB side

Can change username and email permission

If it is not already, you need to setup phpBB permissions options for ALL users to NOT ALLOW change their usernames on profile, and Not Allow email address re-use: so on ACP under
BOARD CONFIGURATION -> User registration settings

Allow username changes: set to NO
Allow email address re-use: set to NO

Save settings.

limit username chars

same as above, on ACP under BOARD CONFIGURATION -> User registration settings -> Limit username chars: DO NOT choose Any character, or ASCII option, choose instead as option, between others available: Any letter, Number and Spacers, or Alphanumeric options.

Save settings.

phpBB cookie SETTING

Set phpBB cookie to be available over all the domain:
go under ‘phpBB ACP admin -> Server Configuration -> Cookie Settings’

Cookie domain value: set as (for example):

note the dot in front (if localhost, may leave as is the value, if on subdomain, like myforum.mysite.com, set it as above using only domain name with dot in front .mysite.com)

Cookie path set as single fraction slash: /

If changed, save settings, logout, clean cookies on browser, re-login phpBB.

NOTE: if your installations are on subdomains (ex: myforum.mysite.com), and you have choose to not use/include the custom phpBB config.php file (so activating the plugin by setting the path that point to include the root phpBB config.php file) you may read this help post about correct file inclusions on subdomains (but in this case would be better to use/choose the custom phpBB config.php file inclusion):
disable open_basedir in your php.ini
(choose to include/use wp_w3all manual config.php and skip this step. See WP admin -> wp_w3all config page about Path setting or follow the help link to setup the custom phpBB config.php file).


WordPress side

Install WP w3all WordPress phpBB integration plugin, so on WP admin open -> Settings -> WP w3all

Before to setup the path setting, that will activate the plugin, be sure that the admin username¬† you are logged in WordPress, exist also into phpBB*. If not exist, create manually the same user with same username and same email address in phpBB, or you will not be able to re-login into WordPress after path setting setup (note: using install admin on WP (id1), that is recognized as install admin in phpBB (id2), even if they have been created with different usernames, this not affect). You can create the same user in phpBB at any time if you’ve lost this step. You can also ever disable/remove the plugin with easy. Read After Installation Help on bottom.

Path setting

(*Read the above warning about same user in phpBB need to exist)
Set the absolute full path to the phpBB config.php file (do not add final slash). Read on wp_w3all admin config page hints about this step. Example and help is here: absolute path how to help
Path Example using the manual WP_w3all phpBB config.php:
Path Example using phpBB config.php of the phpBB root folder:


If phpBB is installed at http://www.axew3.com/w3/phpbb

the URL setting will be: http://www.axew3.com/w3/phpbb

NOTE: If your WordPress is served under https, then force also phpBB to be https, or http, if WP is http. See this post in case it is needed an help on how to to resolve this: https/http for WP and phpBB integration.

If there are existent WordPress users, activate wp_w3all transfer,
and add all old existent WordPress users into phpBB. This is a mandatory step.
Activate, configure and save Login and Topics Last Posts Widgets if needed


WP_w3all users integration between WordPress and phpBB is ready to run.

To embed phpBB into a WordPress page with iframe height responsive, follow read. Iframe or NOT

please read also all the After Install Questions Help on bottom of this page.

Template embed phpbb into WordPress

To add phpBB embedded iframe responsive page into WordPress:

  1. open Settings WP_w3all, under WP_w3all -> phpBB embedded on WordPress Template, there are valid names you can choose between: board, boards, community, forum, forums
  2. READ with care all hints and instructions included on WP admin Settings -> wp_w3all page about phpBB embedded on WordPress Template (to avoid know problem about WP page named as phpBB install folder that reside into same WP root) . After the creation of template page (this step is mandatory even if you add manually the template page into WP template folder) on wp_w3all and iframe links option have been activated, and the blank WP page have been created, finalize following this procedure:
  3. WordPress phpbb embedded iframe responsive how to

Common How To:

How to secure your phpBB WordPress integration

How to use shortcode to display phpBB posts into WordPress

How to use shortcode to display Last phpBB topics/posts into WordPress

How to style widgets if they need to be adjusted to look like my theme

How to force users addition in WordPress when they register and then login only in phpBB side

How to  set cookie in phpBB to be available on domain and subdomains

How to external phpBB login redirect if on login redirect phpBB return error about potential security issue (NOTE: this problem can come out only on redirect, when login is done by using the wp_w3all login widget, not when login is done on respective phpBB or WordPress login forms/pages).

How to WordPress phpBB integration without linking users

Check Sticky Posts on phpBB WordPress forum for some more answered common FAQ or possible to add one!

After Install Questions Help

THE VERY FIRST TIME after wp_w3all has been installed (the phpBB absolute path to phpBB config.php has been correctly set on wp_w3all config settings page), the installing WP admin could be logged out due to the fact there is still no phpBB cookie. At this time the password to login in WP for this user will be the password of phpBB.
NOTE: if the installing admin username is already logged into phpBB, and the cookie is available already over all the domain, the user will not logged out (because a valid phpBB cookie for this user will be found).
NOTE: you may have to clean cookies on your browser if you experience problems on login. Note also that if any theme or plugin not respect the normal WP login flow, may the login in WP side fail while using custom login pages/widgets. Use the default WP login page to login and test all is working ok if experiencing any rare problem on login WP side.

Important note about Profile and profile fields: any modification/update done to profile fields (URL, EMAIL and PASSWORD), if done on WordPress by admin or user, is done at same time also on phpBB user’s profile. Instead, any profile modification about url, email and password done on phpBB side by admin or user, is updated on WordPress when the same edited username will visit WordPress side. In this way, user experience do not change, admin experience instead can confuse, if you are not noticed about this behavior (that is maybe obvious, because this is just a WordPress plugin, that so run only on WP side). So, an admin can see that in WP admin Users Lists, still not exist an user, but it exist in phpBB. This simply mean that the user have register into phpBB (if you let register users in phpBB also) but still have not visit WP side, so has not still been added into WP. If updates or registrations are done in phpBB side, the update or addition of the user, will be done in WP when the same user, as logged in, visit WP side (or login WP side) because remember that this is a WP plugin! It is possible to use these features for different scenarios, adapting any aspect with easy. Remember also, that if default phpBB profiles fields have been modified, then may only email and password will be updated when an user update is done in WordPress. If you want force user addition also into WordPress when user register and then login in phpBB, maybe not using the iframe mode, check this:
Add user at same time into WordPress when register/login in phpBB side

If you have DELETE or ADDED custom user’s profile fields into phpBB, please read this: WordPress and Buddypress phpBB profile fields integration

As said more above, it is required that default profile fields in phpBB exists (or on update profile fields, changes not affect, except for email address field and password): please read this post if you have add custom profile fields for users in phpBB, or you removed some default phpBB profile field. Any profile change/update or user Activation/Deactivation can be done on both admin sides or by users on their profile pages. Just remember the above explained. At same time if on WP side. When user visit WP side, if done in phpBB side.

A deleted user in WordPress, will be deactivated (not deleted) in phpBB at same time.
How to DELETE USERS on both CMS: wp_w3all do not add a delete option for users, but you can remove users on both phpBB and WP with easy in this way: delete users in WordPress, so wp_w3all will set as deactivated in phpBB all these deleted WP users accounts: go in phpBB ACP, choose -> Users and Groups TAB: prune/delete (in one click) all phpBB deactivated users accounts (use with care powerful phpBB options about this!) at once.
More about DELETION of users: you could use this behavior as an antispam method: a deleted user in WP with WP_w3all plugin active, is deactivated into phpBB, until admin do not change his state. And until the user isn’t removed or reactivated in phpBB, the associated username/email, will not more be able to login/register in WP.

About users permissions, and how they are added on WP. On phpBB, users groups legend say: “Pre-defined groups are special groups, they cannot be deleted or directly modified. However you can still add users and alter basic settings”. Based on this, the WP w3all plugin will add users on WordPress, following this rules:

  • Administrators on phpBB = Administrators on WP
  • Global moderators on phpBB = Editors on WP
  • All others phpBB groups = Subscribers on WP
  • NOT active users in phpBB = not added in WordPress

If there are existent users on WP when you start the integration, it is mandatory to transfer WP users into phpBB with the transfer process (old existent phpBB users are added on fly when they login in WP side or when they visits as logged in phpBB the WP side).

PASSWORDS NOTE: an OLD EXISTENT WP transferred user, is transferred in phpBB with his WP password. If the old WP password contain special chars inside, then maybe this user (may not) will have to reset his password in order to be able to login using the login in phpBB (or need to reset the pass one time on WP or phpBB, than the pass will be updated and recognized by both WP and phpBB login).

WP MU-MS (Network installations) please read carefully this:
WP_w3all for WordPress MS MU (Multisite, Multiuser network installations)

1.5.2> Usernames in phpBB that contain character not allowed in WordPress: if there are previously registered phpBB usernames with unwanted char in WP (like my’nice’uname) these users aren’t added into WordPress (at moment, may this will be fixed). A warning will alert these users on WP pages, informing that they can’t be added or be logged in into the integrated site, asking them to contact site administrator informing about the issue.

How are users identified when you add/transfer existent userintegration of same username/email users

About permalinks: if you are using plain permalinks into your WP, for the specific forum page, you’ll set manually the Permalink when you create or edit the page for the embedded forum. The WP page Permalink that will contain the forum iframe, need to contain the name of the page you have choose into wp_w3all config page as forum template page name.

There are some useful Sticky Posts on WordPress phpBB forum you may can check (or contribute to) for furthers common helps.

How i can DISABLE THIS PLUGIN to test, or disable it to remove safely without problems? Normally you’ll remove/disable this plugin completely as any other plugin! You can also remove the path setting on WP_w3all config page or set it wrong for testing purpose: when red info about path setting display, the plugin not affect in any way WordPress. If any HELP i’m in trouble! No panic. If using manual config path to custom config.php file folder, it is also possible to open the config.php file and reset the line


If you’re using the default root phpBB config.php file included, you can do the same into the phpBB config.php file (but in the while the board will result as not installed!), SO better way,

open wp_w3all.php file, more or less on top of the file you’ll find this code:

remove // chars in front of second line:

In this state, the plugin is disabled and not affect in any way WordPress.

This essential wp_w3all working online installation example at axew3.com, is updated and run with: latest available WordPress and phpBB releases.
Run fine tested on WordPress 4.5 or > AND phpBB 3.1 or >.

Said that, here we go!

WP w3all phpBB – WordPress phpBB integration plugin