phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v2)

See  NEW v3 phpBB WordPress template integration code

v2 version (OBSOLETE)

See  NEW v3 phpBB WordPress template integration code

PAGE HELP and JS code – UPDATED on 21 Dec 2018
(related views/page-forum.phpupdated on 26 Sep 2018)

you need to use this version of page-forum.php for this javascript code:

wp_w3all responsive iframe procedure

After you’ve built/created the WP forum template page via
WP_w3all phpBB embedded on WordPress Template
option on WP_w3all admin config page, and the blank page on WordPress Admin -> Pages -> Add New, titled the same of created wp_w3all template page, so forum or board  etc (then you’ll have into your active WordPress template folder a file named page-forum.php or page-board.php etc), to complete the procedure and get the responsive iframe height for the embedded/iframed phpBB into WordPress template page you need:

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_footer.html

and just before the closing </body> tag, add this code (do not select lines numbers column on copied code):

after you pasted this code into phpBB overall_footer.html
edit following lines:

change to fit your domain name (example
do NOT add http(s):// OR the point in front nor anything else, just add or set it as localhost if on localhost test. If phpBB is at, add as value
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work
now check the other line to change:

change value
on this line, to point to the URL of the WordPress created forum page
(do not add final slash and change http or https as needed)

Finally, check this line

in the code you added (last line): this should correctly point to the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file that you’ll go to add into phpBB root folder. You need to use the absolute URL (use http or https as needed, and adjust the url to fit your needs)
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work

AFTER EDITED, save and load the modified overall_footer.html into your phpBB style folder, overwriting the default one, and so

load through ftp on the phpBB root folder (or copy/paste), the file
that is contained inside folder

After this, phpBB require to recompile the template, or modifications to template files not affect (to overall_footer.html in this case). Open phpBB ACP, and so under:

Server Configuration -> Load settings -> Recompile stale style components set to YES and save. Load one time a phpBB full forum page. So return to ACP and reset to NO, save. This step is needed one time to load the template modifications on phpBB (and any time you edit a phpBB template file to for modifications take effect), but this option should be ever set to NO into an online/production site to save server resources. It is normally set to yes only for testing/devel purpose or to apply modifications on phpBB templates files.

How to update to latest iframe js code and page-forum.php?

Update the plugin (or download plugin and copy files by /resizer folder)
so files inside folder
results updated (or do it manually substituting these files with latest released
so substitute/replace the file you added into phpBB root folder with latest iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js
copy it from
folder and replace in phpBB root folder.

Replace the old code added into phpBB overall_footer.html file with the new one above into this page, take care to setup on it needed values as now  required.

Remember to rebuild phpBB template after these steps to let changes take effect.

Now rebuild the page forum in WP w3all admin page, or manually copy the new page-forum.php version contained on folder
and paste it into your WordPress template folder, renaming it as needed, so for example page-board.php if you setted up board for the forum page name on wp_w3all admin page.


Note: if you want a custom page-forum, just open the page-forum.php (or whatever you named it) and read inline hints inside. It is so easy to create a custom page forum (for example with two columns etc). If any help more. just post on help forums here at or at

If you want phpBB email notification links to point to iframe, follow this step about htaccess:

phpBB htaccess for phpBB notification email to point WP forum page (1.6.9>)

to activate the rewrite right click/copy links on iframe, to point to iframe, activate the related code removing the two lines:

/* remove this line to activate htaccess trick
*/ //remove this line to activate htaccess trick

NOTE: to get the iframe to be responsive for ACP phpBB admin panel, read this post.

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