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  • Recaptcha stopped working

    I installed the Advanced Google Recaptcha plugin from WPConcern before installing the WordPress w3all phpBB Integration plugin. I set the recaptcha to appear on the registration and lost password forms. It was working perfectly before I installed the w3all plugin. When I had problems getting the w3all plugin to work, as explained in my previous post, I deactivated the recaptcha plugin. After I got the settings right for the w3all plugin, I reactivated the recaptcha plugin. The recaptcha did not appear on the registration form, but registrations were rejected with an error message that the Google recaptcha had failed. I deactivated the w3all plugin: no change. I deleted the w3all plugin: no change. The deletion process may not have run all the way through; it displayed the "Deleting" message for a long time until I refreshed the page.

    Looks like the two plugins are not compatible. How do I revert back to the way things were before installing the w3all plugin?


    Statistics: Posted by jls — Thu Dec 01, 2022 1:26 pm — Replies 2 — Views 29

  • Login problems

    I have installed the WordPress w3all phpBB integration plugin in WP but not the phpBB extension in phpBB.

    My administrator login works on both WP and phpBB, but logging into one does not log me into the other.

    When I register a new user in WP, the user is correctly added to phpBB. However, the new user login will not work for WP, but I can use it to log directly into phpBB. Resetting the password while the WP w3all phpBB integration plugin is activated does not fix the problem. If I deactivate the plugin, some of the WP passwords will work without resetting and the others will work if I reset them. If I reactivate the plugin, all WP logins except for the administrator stop working, but the same passwords work for direct login to phpBB.

    WP: 6.1.1
    phpBB: 3.3.8
    PHP: 7.4.33

    Suggestions to fix this?

    John S.

    Statistics: Posted by jls — Fri Nov 25, 2022 5:16 pm — Replies 3 — Views 27

  • Wordpress Role -> phpBB Group


    I searched the forums but didn't find the answer. I'm sorry if I missed it and am asking something already answered.

    Does this plugin have the ability to sync a users Wordpress Role to phpBB?

    What I am hoping for:
    1. Customer purchases membership to my site via Wordpress (Woocommerce).
    2. Their role in Wordpress changes to "Paid Subscriber"
    3. Because their role changed, this plugin would update phpBB to put them in the "Paid subscribers" group so they get elevated access in the forum

    4. When their subscription expires, their role in Wordpress is downgraded to "Expired Subscriber"
    5. This plugin updates their role in phpBB to a "Free user" group so their elevated access is removed.

    Thanks in advance!

    Statistics: Posted by cubitfx — Thu Nov 24, 2022 2:22 am — Replies 1 — Views 27

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  • Meta faces lawsuit for harvesting financial data from tax prep websites

    A group of anonymous plaintiffs who filed their taxes online in 2020 using H&R Block has sued Meta, accusing the company of violating users' trust and privacy. If you'll recall, a recent Markup investigation revealed that H&R Block, along with other popular tax-filing websites like TaxAct and TaxSlayer, have been sending users' sensitive financial information to Meta through its Pixel tracking tool. 

    Pixel is a piece of code companies can embed on their websites so they can track visitors' activities and identify Facebook and Instagram users to target with ads. Apparently, the aforementioned tax prep websites had been transmitting personal information, such as income data, filing statuses, refund amounts and dependents' tuition grants, to Meta through that code. The tax-filing services had already changed their Pixel settings to stop sending information or had been reevaluating how they used Pixel by the time Markup's report came out. 

    In a statement sent to Engadget when the news first came out, Meta said that advertisers are prohibited from sharing personal information and that it uses an automated system that can filter out sensitive content sent through Pixel. The plaintiffs acknowledged in their complaint (PDF, courtesy of The Markup) that Meta does require businesses that use Pixel to "have lawful rights to collect, use and share" user data before providing the company with any information. However, the plaintiffs argue that Meta makes no effort to enforce that rule and instead relies on a "broken honor-system" that has resulted in "repeated, documented violations."

    According to The Markup, the lawsuit is seeking class action status for people who used the tax prep services mentioned in the publication's report. The services themselves, however, were not named as defendants in the case. 

  • Security flaw in Florida tax website exposed filers' sensitive data

    Some Florida residents may be keeping a close eye on their finances after a security incident. Researcher Kamran Mohsin tellsTechCrunch that Florida's Department of Revenue website had a flaw that exposed hundreds of filers' bank account and Social Security numbers. Anyone who logged in to the state business tax registration site could see, modify and even delete personal data just by modifying the web address pointing to a taxpayer's application number — you just needed to change the digits in the link.

    There were over 713,000 applications in the Department's pipeline at the time of the discovery, Mohsin said. Mohsin warned the Department about the flaw on October 27th.

    Department representative Bethany Wester said in a statement that the government fixed the flaw within four days of the report, and that two unnamed firms have deemed the site secure. She added there was "no sign" attackers abused the flaw, but didn't say how officials might have spotted any misuse. The agency contacted every affected taxpayers by phone or writing within four days of learning about the issue, and has offered a year of free credit monitoring.

    Bugs like these, known as insecure direct object references, are relatively easy to fix. The damage might also be limited compared to other tax-related breaches, such as a Healthcare.gov intrusion that compromised about 75,000 people in 2018. However, the incident underscores the potential harm from weak security — even a small-scale exposure like this could be used to commit tax fraud and steal refunds.

  • John Wick's creator is writing a movie based on 'Sifu'

    John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is working on yet another videogame adaptation. Fresh off the news that he's writing and producing a Streets of Rage film, it emerged that Kolstad is taking on the same duties for a live-action movie based on Sifu.

    Kolstad and his partners at media company Story Kitchen have teamed up with Sifu developer and publisher Sloclap, as Deadline reports. The beat-'em-up proved a hit when it was released in February, as it sold a million copies in three weeks — despite Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West arriving at around the same time. What makes Sifu stand out from the pact is that every time the protagonist dies in their quest for vengeance, they get older but their enemies stay the same age.

    That hook alone gives a screenwriter a lot of intriguing possibilities. The one vs. many aspect of Sifu seems right up Kolstad's alley as well, given his experience with the John Wick franchise and Nobody. As if all that wasn't enough, Kolstad is also behind Netflix's Splinter Cell, an upcoming animated series based on Ubisoft's games.

  • Second group of Activision Blizzard testers wins union vote

    More Activision Blizzard workers have voted to unionize. Quality assurance testers at Blizzard Albany have voted 14-0 in favor of unionization. The team at the Diablo-focused office will join the Communication Workers of America (CWA), the representative of the existing Raven Software union.

    The game publisher tried to prevent the vote in October, arguing that 88 developers should be included to prevent a "fractured" office. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) denied that bid in late November, noting that the game testers shared a "community of interest" for their cause. Expansions like this are sometimes used in union-busting efforts to reduce the chances of a successful vote. The company also tried to impound three votes that arrived late due to mail delays, although those wouldn't have affected the outcome.

    Activision Blizzard told Engadget in a statement that it was "considering all options." It maintained that all Albany workers should have voted in the name of "fundamental fairness and rights" for the entire branch, not just the QA unit.

    The CWA said in its own statement that this was a vote against "burn out culture," while Blizzard Albany associate test analyst Amanda Deep said the group was "advocating for ourselves" out of care for the work and the games. Workers at Raven and Blizzard Albany have complained about long hours, pay rates and other labor issues. Unionization theoretically gives staff more clout in demanding better conditions.

    It may not be so simple, however. While Activision Blizzard responded to initial unionization efforts by converting 1,100 testers to full-time jobs and raising their base pay, the NLRB also found that it unfairly withheld raises from Raven QA workers who had voted to join a union. Activision Blizzard claimed that it had pass on those pay raises due to "legal obligations" around a pending election, but the NLRB attributed this to the unionization. Improved conditions might come, but they aren't guaranteed to come quickly.

  • Pong's influence on video games endures 50 years later

    A game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. This was the concept Atari founder Nolan Bushnell instilled into Allan Alcorn, a then-24-year-old engineer, prior to the development of one of the most recognizable games of all time, Pong, just over 50 years ago.

    Pong, a video game in which a square is bounced between two rectangles controlled by players, was released on November 29th of 1972 by Atari, only a few days more than 50 years ago. Atari sold more than 8,000 Pong arcade cabinets, and a few years later, the home version would become an instant success, selling about 150,000 units of a console that played nothing but Pong. However, despite how much time has passed, and the massive changes the gaming industry has endured, Pong's — and Atari's — influence on the world of video games remains prevalent today. Watch the video below for the full story.

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