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These examples show raw results (scroll down to see RSS from external resource) of the w3allfeed shortcode used like this, with little style applied to li elements:

that grab last 3 forums news within this same domain forum:

Latest 3 news from axew3.com forums

  • Finally ... WordPress phpBB users check coming on 1.9.8 ...

    so i will check with easy and delete spammers users that registered along the time here.

    Notice that at the time of the 1.9.8 release, ALL USERS with not almost a post approved in phpBB here at axew3.com, will be merely deleted in few clicks ... or maybe i will delete in WordPress, leaving all those users accounts deactivated in phpBB. So they will never more been able to use same username, nor email, to register here again.

    the raw users check page, will be able to check for several things making the users integration easier and fast to control.
    Coming soon

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:41 am — Replies 0 — Views 14

  • 1.9.8 improvements, requests, fixes

    Memo for the 1.9.8 release.

    The last RSS shortcode need to be improved, because it allow to do many things with easy, and can be useful in 1001 ways.
    It will so add inline style also for UL element and a better parse for the words_num parameter, that will work ok in any feed.

    As it work on this online example, will be released for the iframe the v4 code.
    It is possible to smooth scroll BEFORE to correct iframe re-position, or AFTER, without smooth scroll as it is on this online example at date of this post.

    Thinking to code a widget that can display shortcodes within himself ... it is already possible? Do not know, i like stupid questions, sometime something good come out from stupid questions. So let explore if it is already possible/or already done by someone, or it is just a crazy impossible thing.
    The code of many functions will start to change to be near the 2.0.0 release, that will definitively resolve some code aspect about how the entire main plugin class fire. Some queries improved.

    Another aspect i would like to resolve right now instead, is the deletion of users.

    As you may know if using the plugin, the best practice is that you need to delete users in wordpress, then eliminate in phpBB in one click, because those deleted WP users will results deactivated in phpBB. If you do the contrary (delete user in phpBB), then you have to remember these users and delete them also into wordpress.
    I have to remove spam users here, and i become over the problem that it isn't so easy if done in wp side.
    So i try to think to a solution, that will allow with easy to delete users via WordPress, if/when deleted in phpBB.
    Or recognize in wordpress all users that haven't almost a post, or may filter by date.
    A dedicated page in plugin wp admin, will be do this dirty easy job;
    Two or three or more if useful, buttons:
    show users in phpBB that have not almost a validated post
    show users in phpBB that do not exists in wordpress
    or may registered after specified date.
    Then will be possible to see and control more easily this aspect: results will be selectable items to delete unwanted users in one click.
    The default delete phpBB function is a pain in the as* to reproduce! Should exist a more comfortable way, even if it require to operate into the two distinct admins. This is the most problematic aspect of the integration, that we'll go to try to resolve at best it is possible.

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:08 pm — Replies 2 — Views 49

  • Just another way to scroll the iframe - preparing v4 - advanced questions and solutions hints

    Preparing v4 code ...

    Really SO Hard to explain the concept for me, but i will try, also searching for hints by cool guys.
    This is another solution about how to workaround to the phpBB scroll, that should be correctly presented after the onlick action into any iframe link.
    The phpBB smooth scroll solution works fine. But it scroll BEFORE the page load.

    How to scroll, AFTER iframe loads?
    The solution is simple for all events, except one that i've test:
    when the link contain #anchor that make phpBB scroll down to the last post on topic (if order is descendant x example), then what i have not find the way to resolve easily, is that this event, make scroll to top the page anyway to top.
    But the post on bottom should be presented instead.
    I really have try out any possibility in mind to resolve with smooth scroll and get the right result, but i've fail until now.

    So, the problem was (and still remain as it's origin) this:
    how to scroll AFTER iframe loaded, to correct position?
    At moment on this online example, the solution applied to the v3 iframe code and to get the AFTER re-position is this:

    on overall_footer.html code:


    if( /posting\.php\?mode=[reply|post|bump]/ig.exec(href) !== null || /mcp\.php\?/ig.exec(href) !== null ){var w3allNOappend = true;}

    change into:


    if( /posting\.php\?mode=[reply|post|bump]/ig.exec(href) !== null || /mcp\.php\?/ig.exec(href) !== null ){w3allappend = boardU;}

    now into your WP template page-forum(orWhateverYouNamedIt).php
    immediately after this line:


    history.pushState({w3all_passed_url: w3all_passed_url}, \"Forum\", w3all_passed_url_push);

    ADD this code:


    jQuery( '#w3all_phpbb_iframe' ).on( \"load\", function() {jQuery('html, body').animate({    scrollTop: jQuery('.site-content').offset().top }, 0);});

    NOTE that .site-content need to match the assigned class of the element that wrap the main WP page content.
    That is. The page reposition AFTER iframe loads to correct position, the unique time that it isn't in this way as i experience at time of this post, is when you go to (for example) execute a sticky action (the popup display on top).
    I will check how to work around this.

    Note that here, is not possible for what i tested out, to smooth scroll:


    jQuery('html, body').animate({    scrollTop: jQuery('.site-content').offset().top }, 300);

    will not work. The page when on #anchor links will scroll to top by the way.
    Any solution?

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:10 am — Replies 1 — Views 55

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