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How to use w3allfeed shortcode

These examples show raw results (scroll down to see RSS from external resource) of the w3allfeed shortcode used like this, with little style applied to li elements:

that grab last 3 forums news within this same domain forum:

Latest 3 news from axew3.com forums

  • phpBB WordPress 2.3.9 release

    Last 2.3 version has been released: note that since 2.4.0 the plugin will be rewritten!


    = 2.3.9 =*Release Date - 08 Aug, 2020** Fix: function w3_phpbb_ban() to not return phpBB 'excluded bans' as banned* Fix: function w3all_add_phpbb_user() where username var missed (user's addition in WP with redirect from/after registration in phpBB)* Minor fixes* Note: the integration plugin since 2.4.0 > will be rewritten and will change some important thing, but maintaining all features: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1562

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:07 pm — Replies 0 — Views 31

  • !important: the provided username, email or IP address result banned on our forum

    Since last reported problem last day, has been detected that the w3_phpbb_ban function return true, for all accounts/usernames EXCLUDED from ban.
    So if you have an user with email
    myemail@gmail.com excluded from ban, and an user's email is the same, it will be detected by the way under spam list.
    This problem will be resolved on 2.3.9, in the while, be sure that in phpBB your email or partial wildcards emails aren't on the excluded list!
    Or you'll get:

    ERROR: wrong email or the provided username, email or IP address result banned on our forum.

    on authenticating in WP, or coming as logged in phpBB to visit WP side.

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:49 pm — Replies 1 — Views 74

  • W3all login problem

    The moment I activate W3all on my website, i get locked out and have to get another Admin to deactivate the plugin before I can log in!

    Video of problem here: https://www.loom.com/share/73d2bd2c4e28 ... 21adc359db

    Statistics: Posted by Cliff Evans — Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:04 am — Replies 2 — Views 87

News from engadget.com

Latest 5 news from – engadget.com/rss.xml – target _blank – inline styled, used like this:

  • DC Universe content is 'migrating' to HBO Max

    Over the last week, a WarnerMedia shake up at the executive level was followed by significant layoffs, affecting a “majority” of the people working for the DC Universe streaming service. Former Hulu exec and now WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar explained...

  • Trump orders TikTok owner to sell its US business

    Donald Trump issued an executive order Friday evening (PDF) that would require the Chinese owner of TikTok to sell off the its business in the United States in the next 90 days. The order cites national security concerns following a report by the Com...

  • An Alphabet company is designing a road for autonomous cars in Michigan

    The state of Michigan wants to build the autonomous roadway of the future. Normally that in itself would be interesting enough, but there’s also the company it’s partnering with to make the project a reality. The state will work with a firm called Ca...

  • Facebook is the latest tech giant to blast Apple's 'App Store tax'

    Facebook has become the latest company to rally against Apple’s fees for in-app purchases. The social network announced a new update, aimed at small businesses, which will allow companies to charge for online events. With the update, which was first...

  • These AI-generated tennis matches are both eerie and impressive

    Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there was no Wimbledon Championship this year. But that didn’t stop a team of researchers from Stanford University simulating the annual tournament with the help of artificial intelligence. The team trained their A...

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