iframe resize problem (cookie setting phpBB)


iframe resize problem (cookie setting phpBB)

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Hello friend, it is a pleasure to write here and to be able to use your plugin.
I have a question about the installation.
I have followed the steps but I think I have done something wrong because it does not load the full height of the forum. see here https://zonaactual.es/foros/
Could you tell me what step I did wrong?

Excuse my low level of English



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Re: iframe resize problem (cookie setting phpBB)

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Hello! Nice that you are onboard! And about Eng so, we are on same line!

It seem that you have to:

change the cookie domain on your phpBB:
it need to match the main domain and not the subdomain only.
Into phpBB ACP
Server Configuration -> cookie setting
set as
the cookie path setting to

change also the cookie name, so old cookies on browsers will not be used anymore (and users will have to re-login):
Cookie name: example phpbb3_tembj (change it into phpbb3_mynicename)

Then logout and re-login.

The problem is that the cookie domain do not match:
phpBB set cookies as foro.zonaactual.es (subdomain of zonaactual.es)
while WP is at

Same value for cookie domain you have to set into overall_footer.html code you added (without dot in front)

also you can open page-forum into your active template folder (or whatever you named it), check these lines (but should not be required to see this if the above applied):

Code: Select all

    document.domain = '".$document_domain."'; // NOTE: for domains like 'mysite.co.uk' remove this line, if you setup the next to match the correct document.domain
    // document.domain = 'mydomain.com'; // NOTE: reset/setup this with domain (like mysite.co.uk) if js error when WP is installed like on mysite.domain.com and phpBB on domain.com: js origin error can come out for example when WordPress is on subdomain install and phpBB on domain. The origin fix is needed: (do this also on phpBB overall_footer.html added code, it need to match)
read the phpBB side part into this page:
https://www.axew3.com/w3/wp-w3all-wordp ... nd-how-to/