iFrame with the Milk Theme will not work.


Re: iFrame with the Milk Theme will not work.

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axew3 wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:59 pm
It was just a favor, i'm not interested into any phpBB theme
That isn't really what I meant, I really can't give you the theme for you to look at. Thanks for the help, I'll be looking forward to v4 of your iframe.

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Re: iFrame with the Milk Theme will not work.

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Since so many requests to reset password of your account, which you created as
that not exists, and the logger send each day several email of notification about this, i'm sorry to inform you that your account here has been deleted in wordpress, then automatically deactivated in phpBB (as is plugin integration behavior). If you like or want, please register again with a valid email (and another username, or send me an email and i will delete in phpBB also, so you can re-register same username).

About your theme problem:
ask to the theme author, he will be may able to resolve for you and you'll not have to let see your theme to anybody.
The v4 code probably and unfortunately will not save you: the js code not fire, and do not return any error so you just need to understand why this happen, since it work into any other theme/page.

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