phpBB WordPress 2.3.6 released

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phpBB WordPress 2.3.6 released

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== Changelog ==

= 2.3.6 =
*Release Date - 05 Jul, 2020*

* Fix: passwords reset/update flow and passwords containing special characters
* Fix: password's reset processes for frontend plugins pages
* Fix: remove old w3_Bcript() lib, switching to native Php password_hash()
* Fix: display user's avatar, when an admin edit user's profile (almost into a default WP profile view and/or all plugin's using $_GET['user_id']):
* Fix: set wp user to be the one that logged out/in into phpBB when profile page load. Example: an user logout and re-login with another username in phpBB, then reload his wp profile page that was already opened into another browse's tab, where was logged in as the logged out into phpBB
* Fix: minor security bug
* Minor fixes
* Add: param/attribute 'wordsnum' to the 'phpBB posts into WP post' shortcode:
* Updated procedure explain: 'Securing WordPress and WP_w3all phpBB WordPress integration: HOW TO and WHY':