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Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:24 pm
by pennymachines
New dev installed and tested.

Sorry to report that damn stubborn problem remains! I think we are both tearing our hair out now...

The User is successfully registered from the frontend (Profile Builder), clicks the activation link in the email and the account is activated. The User can log on in WP and phpBB, but as soon as they log off they cannot log on again ('Wrong username or password').

The account exists in WP and phpBB, but I can only make it work by going into the WP admin and manually resetting the password (which is OK if I happen to know the user's password).

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 11:58 pm
by axew3
The User is successfully registered from the frontend (Profile Builder), clicks the activation link in the email and the account is activated. The User can log on in WP and phpBB, but as soon as they log off they cannot log on again ('Wrong username or password').
Ok! sorry, i assume it is a misunderstanding by me: i was testing the thing into reset-password and not when new user register.
The same was happening when user resetting his password.
And finally i've put eyes into all mums functions.
Honestly i do not why, i coded mums part the way it is. It was wrong some aspect and i'm surprised that anyway all was working fine except this.

So rebuilt on fly, since it has been obvious where the problem was.
Away to be perfect, mums new fixes should make all work fine, also under this aspect.
By the way, i will take the time to review any mums aspect more deeply, rebuilding something else about some other function.

My hairs starts to fall after reading your answer :D
here we go ahead!

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Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 10:37 am
by pennymachines
Sorry to be bringing bad news again Alessio.

Still no change I'm afraid after installing dev3. Same problem.

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:25 am
by axew3
Mh ... strange because it was and is working here, even if a value for password to be updated was wrong (but maybe into your configuration/environment was leading to fail the pass update).

Now it is ok, almost for what i had the time to test out, all ok since dev-03 into default WP MUMS, and, like before, i try to (just to be sure we are on same page):

register with WPuser frontend plugin you use, using his registration forontend page.
The user is immediately activated (no email sent nor activation required) then i log in. Then i logout, re-login, logout and re-login, all ok. I see that all is ok into db rows, and all answer as required.
I have also test a new registration of the user via this plugin, while another user with same email registered in phpBB.
This plugin do not fire wp hooks when add a new wp user, i assume it use his own hooks (which i have not check for), so the user were added in wp, despite it was existent phpBB user, with different username, but same email. That's not good.
The same happen when a new site created by admin. BUt this is the unique case that need to be resolved on default mums, almost it seem at moment.

So the code has been patched, temporary into this dev-04 that contain also this fix to resolve the issue with this or others plugins, and return error if it happen, and avoid wp user's addition.
These actual code additions will not be part of the main 2.4.0 released plugin, but provided as single features/options, because if plugins do not fire normal wp hooks, they may will not work properly.
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Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:28 pm
by pennymachines
axew3 wrote:
Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:25 am
... i try to (just to be sure we are on same page):

register with WPuser frontend plugin you use, using his registration forontend page.
The user is immediately activated (no email sent nor activation required) then i log in. Then i logout, re-login, logout and re-login, all ok.
No. I'm using the "Email Confirmation" Activated: Yes in Profile Builder.

I have to use this setting to verify registrations, otherwise I get bombarded with dozens of Spam accounts every day.

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:03 am
by axew3
i forgotten this aspect, that you use mixed with this other:
installed and activated Profile builder,
and after installed profile builder, i activated the option confirm email, into plugin's admin of the subsite,
then i use a wpuser-frontend page as before to register a test user.
Unfortunately, when i register, the user is like before immediately added, the email is not sent out, and the user can login.
What i forgotten that need to be activated and how, to configure all as you are doing?

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:22 pm
by pennymachines
It's under the Profile Builder / Settings / General Settings tab: "Email Confirmation" Activated: Yes

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:27 pm
by axew3
Yes, but it work only if you activate related registration Profile builder [wppb-register] shortcode into a page, which i assume you did the same.
It is also set the option, User accounts may be registered into main network settings, as explained into Profile builder plugin docs about this, that i've read on fly, so i hope to had understand correctly the meaning

Then i go to my registration page, containing the profile builder registration form.
The autologin option is set to off (do not know, not tested, if ti change or not something going to check right now)..
I register the user, then i login, after activated it, then i logout (i see pass hash is the same at this time, both on wo and phpBB so all ok), the i re-login etc.
All working fine:

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Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:37 pm
by pennymachines
Alessio, you are indefatigable!

Just tested latest dev..... Same result I'm afraid. :oops:

I have Automatically Log In: No for testing and yes, [wppb-register] shortcode on the Register page.

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:12 pm
by axew3
That's strange, i will come asap to test online if you agree, since here it is working fine, i'm quite obsessed by this :twisted:
this is the demo flow done into my win machine

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 9:20 am
by axew3
Waiting for confirmation, but bug into these mixed external plugin configuration has been resolved. This kind of problems can be easily resolved if will come out for any other front end plugin and into any configuration or different passed vars adding few lines.

The 2.4.0-dev6 will be released soon, or, if no bugs come out while deeply re-testing all things, beginning from a default wordpress, passing by buddypress and then WP MUMS, the new 2.4.0 will be so released.

Even if not all functions have been checked, many bugs, and i think any of the past historical that i can remember, have been fixed in the while.

The dev 2.4.0-dev6 should probably be a valid bug free "Release Candidate", anyway while re-testing all things into various configurations, may more fixes and code reduction will be appplied.

If anybody find out something, would be also useful to know any 2.3.9 bugs if exist, so to check that 2.4.0 resolved it.

Stay tuned lovely and cool people! 2.4.0 is coming soon

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:23 pm
by axew3
Logging problems and how have been resolved.

!important MEMO LOG (add into wp mums help install):

While deeply testing WordPress as MUMS (multisite) i see there are many problems in the case users are coming from phpBB with usernames like this:
SewreU Yes-_
It is a not possible username on mums, since usernames can only:
"Usernames can only contain lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers."
then in this case, if on WP multisite, the plugin code will detect not possible usernames, and reject any further process for the user in wordpress side. It is a valid username on default WordPress (NO MUMS)

would be possible to resolve this issue on MUMS?
Do not know, we should see, i just see that this problem come out in mums now, not sure if it was the same on previous wp versions (but i assume yes!): if an user coming in wp as logged in phpBB, then the plugin was adding him in Wordpress, despite his username is not suitable for mums.

And a loop for this come out, with no errors: the user is added, the cookie released in wp, but a loop start, and there is no error to start from: the plugin find a valid cookie, set session, wp nullify... loop. No time here, to check and resolve another way, assuming that it would be possible

If you try to login an username like this, despite it exist in wp mums, it return that the user do not exist.
Unknown username. Check again or try your email address.
If you then try to login the user by email, even with integration plugin disabled, the user is logged in at first time, cookie released, but then immediately logged out by wordpress, without any error.

The applied result, both if try to login in WP or coming as phpBB logged in, with illegal usernames will be this:

localhost-wp5-wp-loginMUMS.png (31 KiB) Viewed 536 times

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 3:26 pm
by axew3
In the few time i can dedicate these days, i deeply tested wp mums in any way several times, by default wp mums, and mums with 2 front end profile plugins, and all seem to work as expected, i have try to cover any found possible problem with easy.

2.4.0 will be by email not username: let explain the point.
Until it was by username, and phpBB setup with the option "Allow username changes:" SET TO NO and "Allow email address re-use:" SET TO NO, when profile update happen, no problem on find out if there is or not another email, associated with another username. An username can never change, both in wp and phpBB.

But since 2.4.0, since functions will search for email, and an email of an user can be updated to something else, then will be impossible to leave users update their email and register into both cms: it is necessary to choose. Registrations and email updates, only in phpBB or WordPress.

Anyway, i think i will start to try out the new 2.4.0 rc1 here online with these mixed setting, that will work fine (i want this way in this example, using phpBB to manage user's registrations):

let register users in phpBB
but disable phpBB profile email update module (so users can register in phpBB, and with "Allow email address re-use:" SET TO NO, and no possibility to update email in phpBB side, i'll be sure that email re-use do not will happen, nor change after registered, and since before to start (or follow) with the users integration, we are sure that username/email pairs are unique, we can be sure all will work as required.

Then i will leave registration in wordpress disabled, but users will have access to their wordpress profile:
where their email can be updated.

This will work nice, and this is the unique possible example on how could be setup the integration, mixing things (could be the contrary, register in wp, do not change email in wp, but allow email change in phpBB, but not registration):

or it is mandatory to choose: registration and email updates, only in wordpress or phpBB side.

Anyway the plugin code, will follow to check for duplicate emails or usernames, when these actions done:
profile updates or registrations, both if updates or users additions done via wp admin, or front end.
This to avoid any possible problem, for common installations. Low cost, so leaved in place.

But these functions can be easily disabled, to little speed up code execution when user's profile updates occurs. So may on some 2.4.0> will be provided the way to exclude some filter/action hook, getting an even more professional integration, that reduce to the very minimum code execution. It will be like to comment out something, but presumably will be provided by option to be activated (so when we really understood how the integration work, and when we are sure all setup/going fine, we'll activate it).

2.4.0 resolve all and any lowercase/upper case problem, that has been possible to occur, when old wp user's transferred from wp to phpBB, when integration start.

It also resolve the problem that an user Tester was treated differently by TesTeR (and may some loop occurring logging in with these users)

The 2.4.0 will be deeply re-tested again now, under default wordpress and into a wp+buddypress, then after all result with no errors and fixed, released ... it will be really soon!

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 11:13 pm
by DjPorkchop73

It has been a few weeks since I last visited due to life getting real busy. I been meaning to try this new update out and test as well. I have a WAMP server setup that I can test on as well. If that sounds good to you I would love to give it a try. I will gladly report what I find and let you know all versions of software the server is running.


Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:34 am
by axew3
Hi Ray, just over in the night to fix something and doing some tests
Here in attach, let name it, the RC1, latest i'm over.

It resolve many aspects that have been fixed, especially about usernames and email lowercase/Uppercase, login flows, correct messages when errors occurs etc etc.

Many things changed, i hope that still there are not much errors.
Transfer processes is the part i patched, but without testing it so far, and that i'm sure i have to fix more, so may skip it whenever you have the idea to proceed on it, this part still need to be checked

[attach removed]

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:12 am
by axew3
I'm sorry, often is late night when i come on for answers, so i removed the attachment of rc1 because after i've find out many errors and fixes to be applied.
I applied, and while doing, i realized that:
probably, the 2.4.0 will support any phpBB user addition, with any char, and the integration will work for users even if usernames different because ...
i realized a thing that maybe now can result clear, big like the sun ... but i have not think on until now:

IF AN USER IS LOGGED IN, due to login on phpBB or wordpress, then:

What stupidity, to not think on this before lovely and cool people.
The concept of the resolved problem is about email/usernames pairs that are not matching when an update occur on profile.
With a phpBB id on hands into wordpress side, we can do magic and FAST things when user is logged in!

2.4.0 is coming, little more time to test and fix all based on this concept.
It will be awesome

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:01 am
by DjPorkchop73

I have been very busy in life lately but I just now got the file and am going to install it on my local host server and test it out as best I can. I will be more than happy to report back what I find. ;)

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:56 am
by axew3
2.4.0 will support by default, latin and cyrillic, but it can be switched with easy to become compatible with any alphabets.
And should resolve with easy any previous issue.

2.4.0 important considerations are here, please if testing, consider what here reported: ... f=2&t=1598

If integrating leaving users register into phpBB, and leaving phpBB to accept any char for usernames, consider the above, and lately, the fact that an existent username like this in phpBB $£$$%% is NOT added into wordpress, because after sanitized by wordpress, it return an empty value, so the wp user's addition fail, and as code is on this RC1, simply do not add the user nor display any message to him. Going to fix this today.
User's transfers options still needs to be fixed, so please do not consider this part while testing.

2.4.0 change a lot, and if configured as suggested, lead to awesome results, not all immediately arguable.

2.4.0 i'm working on, that will be deeply tested into default wp now, then with buddypress and mums again, is this:

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Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:12 am
by DjPorkchop73
So a quick question that has come up;

On most installs people tend to create a new admin WordPress user after the initial install, give the original admins posts and comments to the new admin and then the original admin is deleted from the WordPress system. Is that at all possible with this plugin?

I thought about it originally when I installed the last version on my production site but I never asked. But now I am real curious as I test this new version out.

Oh, for the record here is my test environment stats:

WAMP Server

MySQL: 5.7.28
MariaDB: 10.4.10
php : 7.4
Apache 2.4.41

WordPress 5.5.3
phpBB 3.3.2

Thanks for your hard work on this. I really enjoy using it and getting to test it as well.

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:33 am
by DjPorkchop73
Please disregard my last post. I actually figured out how to accomplish the task I asked about. As it stands it is not possible to do unless the admin swap is done prior to installing phpBB3. This can be done in any version of this plugin. How silly of me to not realize this. Oops lol

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:54 pm
by axew3
Hi, thank for reply, in the while i resolved many more bugs, soon we'll be up and running for the next RC, that will be presumably the last pre release.
I will post in attach asap, hopefully this night my time, if possible.
I regret that on these days, i had to loose my time into something else, anyway and in any case, the 2.4.0 code will be finished in little time more.

No limit on any feature, but the WP admin ID1 and phpBB id2 are not linked anymore.
And the integration works linking users by email.
About the wp admin (any wp admin or user), may be careful to not link him with same email that may belong to main install admin, the user ID2 in phpBB, if it exist.

2.4.0 will provide several little docs, on how to speedup the integration for large traffic sites, reducing to the minimum code execution, that by default will works fine into any. These little docs, will become effective options, along 2.4.0> releases
Become compatible with any alphabet other than Latin, but by default provided only Cyrillic. If anybody will ask for something else, we can add it or easily indicate how to do.

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:23 am
by axew3
Received an interesting email, that focus into a problem with a question:
this plugin, allow to add as deactivated in phpBB, all users when they are added in phpBB due to a registration in WordPress, and when it is required that an user, like on memberpress, have to pay and/or confirm signup and then his account is activated to access contents?

The point is this: until 2.3.9 there is an option in plugin admin, that do this, add users in phpBB as deactivated, and should (should) activate the account only when active. But will work on any situation? Any plugin? Or you'll have to manually activate the user in phpBB (because until deactivated in phpBB will not be able to login in wordpress)?

And another important consideration:
should the user be added like it is now, on signup, so even if user's registration/signup not confirmed or not completed, because may it is a fake registration or being lost for some reason, then we'll have an user in phpBB, that will not allow after, to register another same username until it has not been removed in phpBB.

Based on this, is possible try to switch the actual code, to add user in phpBB, only when it has been activated/confirmed signup in wordpress, or memberpress etc.
If not too much complicate to be added for any scenario, then the code still will add the user in phpBB on signup, without waiting for confirmation, but the flow about to activate the user, will be fixed for all

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:00 pm
by axew3
Tested the registration flow on buddypress and memberpress.
What happen is this:
with activated option add phpBB user in phpBB as deactivated, all works smooth, the user is activated when signup email confirmed, into a buddypress registration (where the user choose his pass, but the account still need to be activated in order to be able to login).

And maybe if mixed with memberpress, only after executed payment, the user should be able to see some forum.
If the user belong to a subscription, can see or use some board feature, etc etc
How to do this little hard, with easy?
We go to consider memberpress, like a separated thing. But how? So easy.

This is the way without going to change nothing on actual code, but resolving like this, as i did in the past:

May into a function inside an init hook (add into wp_w3all_php file, maybe, maybe elsewhere):

Code: Select all

$user = MeprUtils::get_currentuserinfo();
$active_products = $user->active_product_subscriptions('ids');
Note: can also use 'products' or 'transactions' as the argument type
we get an array, that allow us to do everything. This is the most reliable way, the faster and intelligent (to me) to do things, that do not overload the system, and that allow an immediate code execution, only when needed, just in time. Perfect.

if by ids, it is assumed you know each ids to what kind of subscriptions belong to, then choose what to do with the user, if can or not view forums, updating to activated in phpBB or not if the subscription expired or is not a lifetime membership etc.
Here example on how to activate or deactivate user, but could be needed to move the user to a group or another, based on active or expired subscriptions.

Then execute something like this (note that these instructions are ok on 2.4.0, $user->user_email need to be lowered before):

To Deactivate user in phpBB
$w3db_conn->query("UPDATE ".$w3all_config["table_prefix"]."users SET user_type = '1' WHERE LOWER(user_email) = '".$user->user_email."'");
To Activate user in phpBB
$w3db_conn->query("UPDATE ".$w3all_config["table_prefix"]."users SET user_type = '0' WHERE LOWER(user_email) = '".$user->user_email."'");
Or something else

This part will be maybe documented, with ready to use code snippets

... may added as option using a different way, and adding actions via memberpress hooks.
There are really many possible integrations kinds.
Memberpress works nice. It is possible to create complex mixes with forums permissions, may based on different memberships, with easy.

But memberpress is not a free plugin.
I'm little not totally convinced to add this part as free plugin option on plugin admin.

So in the while, take the above hint as magic trick, to do what you want based on user's memberships/subscriptions ... it is an easy addition, that can be hooked into any wp event, also init (which is where i added into last integration site i configured).

Along 2.4.0> releases, buddypress/phpBB profile fields integration, will be re-coded, still not tested this part, assuming that should still work fine but not tested yet. It is anyway a little mess of the past, that works, but need to be re-coded. The avatar integration is fully working as is, even if on 2.4.0 something about as been little improved.

Stay tuned lovely and cool people, 2.4.0 is coming

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:54 pm
by axew3
Hi there!
This is 2.4.0 RC2 that still do not fix all about transfers and user's check processes.
Fix several bugs.
Tested under many different scenarios, all working with no errors, all answering exactly as needed.
I can't find out any error at moment, anyway it is so hard to do not forget something, so any report would be appreciated.
Here we go!

RC3 has been released more below

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:17 pm
by axew3
Hi there again!

Looking into fix all about transfer processes and check options, for the last coming RC3, i've find out, beside some hint explain error (i'm sorry), an easy solution for an important function, to detect if existent phpBB usernames, contains or not unwanted characters. ... 4918#p4918
That's maybe an idiot consideration, maybe not. Let know what you think about the stupidity that maybe was obvious for advanced.

A though on how the thing on transfer/registered users from phpBB into WordPress works:
if an username in phpBB is in Latin, it is added in WordPress, purged of any unwanted character based on this regexp:
[^-0-9A-Za-z _.@] or to better say, as linked above will be [^-[:alnum:] _.@]
so an username like
a'l @ewdw/&%$£$£
will be added in WordPress as
al @ewdw
the username cleaned. If the resulting string is an empty string, so the username is not added and error message will display.

If the phpBB username is non Latin but Cyrillic, it is added only if it do not contain unwanted characters. If containing unwanted chars in Cyrillic, will not be cleaned up and nor added into WordPress.

If on WP MUMS, usernames characters regexp has been restricted to only:

The integration, if phpBB is configured to not allow new registrations nor profile fields updates for email and url, can be set excluding the execution of the main query verify_phpbb_credentials(), speeding up the integration to maximum possible. No queries executed during normal users operations, but on singles when they update profiles in wordpress.

In true, due to simplicity of the code, if phpBB configured on ACP to do not allow users to update those fields on UCP
it would be just necessary to put a
just after the

Code: Select all

private static function verify_phpbb_credentials(){
line, on /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php
and just some little more code change into few functions.
An option will be added about this, somewhere along 2.4.0> releases or if possible even on this release

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:20 am
by axew3
2.4.0 RC3
Transfer processes and check options, that can be used to start a smooth and easy to do integration, have been fixed.
It need to be mention something when phpBB users are transferred into wordpress: users that contains characters not allowed in wordpress, are added into wordpress with different username (cleaned of unwanted chars), or not added at all, if the resulting username after clean up is not possible to be processed, so:
a'l @ewdw/&%$£$£
will be added in WordPress as
al @ewdw
then if after, you go to check users executing (for example) the task List existent WordPress users that not exists in phpBB, and WordPress phpBB users with mismatching emails to check if there are users having different emails on phpBB and wp, it will return those users with mismatching username-emails (because usernames do not match). You'll get something like:
-> WARNING! username ALE-0 exist in WordPress but not in phpBB! // because it is $£ALE'-\=0 in phpBB
-> WARNING! username al @ewdw exist in WordPress but not in phpBB! // because it is a'l @ewdw/&%$£$£ in phpBB
Perfectly congruent. But if it is what you need, you so should not consider the notice that appear.
You know that the integration works by email now.
You may will worry to check if there are duplicated usernames or email in this case, that would be the only problem you'll have to resolve, and you can check it by using the related check option.
Those users with mismatching usernames, will have to login using email or the WP username when logging in via WordPress login, that's maybe stupid to mention/remember.

testing it, remember please:

Please, test it considering that users, it is mandatory that are allowed to change their email on profile, and Register ONLY on wordpress OR phpBB.
Disable possibility to update email for users in phpBB (or you have to do the contrary, allow in phpBB and not in wordpress, but this is the way that need after to consider more aspects). Also note that users ID1 in WP and ID2 in phpBB are not considered/linked anymore.

to disable users email update on phpBB:
ACP -> TAB System -> User Control Panel -> click into Profile -> Edit account settings, click into Disable to disable the user's account settings module. Then the Edit account settings , where it is possible to update user's email and password in phpBB ucp will not be accessible (while all the rest of phpBB profile options will be still available to phpBB users). Disable new registrations in phpBB.
since there is possibility that somebody will be wrong on correctly execute tasks, i think would be better to add a filter to avoid unwanted logic behaviors. The filter do just this: when an user or admin, go to update email or password, the code will fast check if the actual user's email (not the attempted new one) is shared in phpBB between different users, and will stop execution if duplicated email found. Or the profile update will happen for all phpBB users with same email. That should never happen (maybe, but maybe it could be what is needed instead). This will display in those cases
ERROR: actual email is paired with more than one username into our forum. The profile update has been rejected.

may this will work on native wordpress, and not into frontend plugins profile pages, like memberpress or others. It is not sure that all plugins hooks into native WP actions/filters. So also for this reason, it is important that users are allowed to update email (and register), ONLY in WordPress OR phpBB
not on both.

new RC3 2 more below

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:27 pm
by axew3
Detected bugs:

1) The transfer process is not working fine when transferring users from wp to phpBB.
2) The phpBB ban function need to be fixed to work faster and more precise.
3) If an user is logged in phpBB with another username, and at same time as another in wp on different tabs, users follows as logged into both as different.

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2020 11:05 am
by axew3
all assertions on prev post should be now covered

test following these rules: ... 4933#p4933

The w3_phpBB ban function has been fixed, to be executed fully, and not skipped in certain cases
It has not been really optimized, anyway now, run just the strict necessary, once, and just in time when required.

The main verify_credentials query has been shorted and the ban check, if presenting session, will check only for an explicit ban due to email or username phpBB ban, not for IP. The complete ban check, is instead done when user login on WP. A message will display (on both cases) informing about ban. It could return exactly the reason of the ban, anyway at moment, like before, it return a generic ...username, email or ip are banned into our forum... message

let's go with
w3all-phpbb-integration 2.4.0 RC3 3
released more below

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:43 pm
by axew3
Wrong 1 line addition, on last rc3 leads to a loop in the case usernames mismatch.
So when it should work fine for users with different usernames, it will lead to a loop.
RC3 3 is coming within today
also wp to phpBB transfer need to be fixed since adding users in phpBB not belonging to any users group

Re: WordPress phpBB integration 2.4.0-dev

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:50 pm
by axew3
Just changed three lines on class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php
leading to a loop when usernames mismatching.
The correct code look like this. Now all works smooth, when an user come into wordpress, and his wp email do not match the one presented by another possible phpBB session, due to a login in phpBB, may done into another browser's tab

Code: Select all

if( $current_user->user_email != mb_strtolower($phpbb_user_session[0]->user_email,'UTF-8') ){
    wp_set_current_user( 0 );
w3all-phpbb-integration 2.4.0 RC3 3

also adjust the user's transfer to phpBB, since was adding users into phpBB, belonging to no group at all, due to commented instructions for debug leaved in place, sorry!

To test and use 2.4.0, remember that you have to follow these rules: ... 4933#p4933

w3all-phpbb-integration 2.4.0 RC3 4
released more below on this topic