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2.4.9 released - fix x widget with post text (if you experience error on main admin widgets page)

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 12:25 am
by axew3
== Changelog ==

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= 2.4.9 =
*Release Date - 10 Jan, 2022*

* Fix: remove 'all db fields' when phpBB user's insertion, reducing to the minimum insertion query (only phpBB 3.3>)
* Fix: hooks execution flow all around, removing and executing only when needed
* Update: page-forum.php to fix the easy preloader, adding the text above as default, that will display the domain name automatically. To update if you want, rebuild page-forum on plugin admin or substitute the one into your active template folder (page-forum(orWhatEverYouNamedIt).php, with the new page-forum.php you find into the plugin '/addons' folder, renaming it as needed
* Fix: definitively page-forum to resolve the loop problem when UID 2 login in phpBB and into page-forum get loop (because users uid1 in wp and uid2 in phpBB are not linked) 
* Fix: some admin configuration hint and order fields
* Minor fixes
* Read: short 2.4.9 logs, preloader and more hints here:

Fix the 2.4.9 released

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 1:34 am
by axew3
just after released, the plugin file
wp_w3all.php has been patched because returning error when on admin (and only in admin) accessing to widgets main screen (not via customize) if widget Last Posts active and with post text active.
To fix it, if you experience the error having activated the widget with post text, download the file here: ... _w3all.php
and replace the file wp_w3all.php into folder

Or just replace the entire plugin.

Or another way:
open file wp_w3all.php
and where these lines:

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// 2nd not in admin
 if ( defined('W3PHPBBDBCONN') && !isset($w3deactivate_wp_w3all_plugin) && !defined( 'WP_ADMIN' ) )
replace with

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// 2nd not in admin
 if ( defined('W3PHPBBDBCONN') && !isset($w3deactivate_wp_w3all_plugin) )