Wordpress Role -> phpBB Group

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Wordpress Role -> phpBB Group

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I searched the forums but didn't find the answer. I'm sorry if I missed it and am asking something already answered.

Does this plugin have the ability to sync a users Wordpress Role to phpBB?

What I am hoping for:
1. Customer purchases membership to my site via Wordpress (Woocommerce).
2. Their role in Wordpress changes to "Paid Subscriber"
3. Because their role changed, this plugin would update phpBB to put them in the "Paid subscribers" group so they get elevated access in the forum

4. When their subscription expires, their role in Wordpress is downgraded to "Expired Subscriber"
5. This plugin updates their role in phpBB to a "Free user" group so their elevated access is removed.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Wordpress Role -> phpBB Group

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No, this part is not considered. Roles/memberships and phpBB groups/memberships.

It can be done easily, but since for each plugin it is different, i never did it by default into plugin code.
You say woocommerce memberships linked with phpBB groups memberships.
I will try to see if i can do something that can be usable for all with easy, almost for woocommerce (and may memberpress).
Not immediately, but surely i will take a look into this and soon something will come out.

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