Apache Doesn't Start With Easyphp

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Apache Doesn't Start With Easyphp

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I purchased this book recently and love it. Everything is super simple and clearly laid out to understand. As recommended by the book, I download and installed EasyPHP to begin developing websites. However, the Apache server doesn't start. When I click 'Start', it sometimes goes to the yellow light and then immediately stops. Otherwise, it doesn't do anything. I've restarted EasyPHP and tried. I use Windows Vista. The MySQL server starts and seems to be working. Can someone please tell me what to do?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

http://forums.oreilly.com/topic/17454-a ... h-easyphp/

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Re: Apache Doesn't Start With Easyphp

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Oh wow, Easyphp remind me to old times!
Have you try to run it as Administrator?

I use now custom mysql/apache/php installations, and personally do not remember too much about.
But should be maybe a txt error log file into easyphp install folder where errors about what went wrong are logged. HAve you take a look into?

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