How to run transfer programmatically

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How to run transfer programmatically

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I am building a membership system for our club and I need to add a user to wordpress, transfer that user to phpBB and then add that user to a specific group on phpBB.

So, when a user signs up for our club they get a special area of phpBB they are able to use and I need to add them to that phpBB group.

1) The user signs up on the Wordpress site as a new user.

2) The username/password gets added into Wordpress.

3) I would like to be able to transfer the username/password to phpBB automatically at this point.

4) Call group_user_add on the phpBB side to add the user to the members only group on phpBB.

What is the routine I should be calling to force the user to be transferred to phpBB before I call group_user_add?

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Re: How to run transfer programmatically

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Hello James! Sorry i didn't answered to your last post that i see now.
I hope you resolved the problem about cookies that wasn't setup on your phpBB. Did you resolved after? Did you find out the solution?

About this question instead
Once the plugin active, any new wp user is added into phpBB also.
There is option to add this user into a specified phpBB group.
But this, works only on registration phase.
After, if the wp user change his group/membership into wordpress, like with a plugin, you can't expect that it will change group in phpBB.
The plugin do not cover this aspect. The same if you change the group for an user in phpBB: it will affect nothing in wp.

I promised to do, but it has been lost along the time. I will try to implement into next plugin version if possible, it is a quite easy do if done only for the wp side. we'll see

About this aspect by the way: so you can setup wordpress (the integration plugin) to add an user to a specified group in phpBB when register in wp, AND then in phpBB, you can setup this group, to promote users to another, based on options in phpBB (number of posts, manually etc). There are several options into phpBB about users groups promotions.

Sorry for the delay on answer this time James, let know!

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