BUGREPORT - Last topics widget


BUGREPORT - Last topics widget

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I found two problems related to the last topic widget. I used this widget in iframe mode. Links look like this:

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 <a id="w3all0433256" onmouseover="w3allIframeHref('w3all0433256','https://svetelektro.com/index.php/phpbb/?forum_id=20&amp;topic_id=55602&amp;post_id=777683#p777683');" href="https://svetelektro.com/index.php/phpbb/?forum_id=20&amp;topic_id=55602&amp;post_id=777683#p777683">
1) sometimes homepage load stops on this widget - it seems like PHP waits to SQL query. I can debug it more if you help me with this.
2) clicking on the link sometimes redirect me to the forum homepage, instead of the required forum topic - but links are OK

Thank you

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Re: BUGREPORT - Last topics widget

Post by axew3 »

Thank you for report, going to look and release new version in some days form now!

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