When a WP user changes role...

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When a WP user changes role...

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Hi. We have a membership site using Woocommerce Memberships and Subscriptions plugins which takes automaic recurring subscription payments for access to certain parts the site. Included in their membership is access to the phpBB forum which they can't access without joining or renewing on the website.

Question: When a membership lapses, i.e. a membership is not renewed or a payment fails, and the user no longer has status of Customer, would this automatically remove login priviledges to the phpBB forum? I believe it should, but it does not seem to. What configuration options should i look out for?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: When a WP user changes role...

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No it is not included as part of the code.
This is totally not considered, you can't expect a change of the user group into phpBB, except when you delete an user in wordpress, so any user in phpBB with same email are at same time deactivated.

But we are on same page. The integration code will aim with next releases to make the integration plugin working fine with this.
Both into memberpress and woocommerce.

Anyway, i do not have at moment (while i have memberpress and i already did this easy but important feature for several sites where memberpress run) a woocommerce license of this
https://woocommerce.com/products/woocom ... mberships/

These two are what i will aim to make the code ever compatible and full of features.
I can try to add a first easy version into next 2.4.5 if possible.
But i need a test plugin to install and see.

May on next 3.0.0 wp_w3all that will be the new version where all the concept and code will be rewrite can be considered to ask a copy free, adding an amazing addon just for woocommerce.
I would be very happy ;)

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