Question on transfer order


Question on transfer order

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I am transferring a Drupal Forum to PhpBB with Wordpress for the front-end. The transfer scripts from Drupal to PhpBB are all done and tested and work great.

I have also tested the w3_all plugin and that works GREAT as well!!!

The question is on order of operations. I am transferring about 20,000 users from Drupal to phpBB and want to make sure they integrate to Wordpress. Should I:

1) Transfer the users to phpBB, THEN integrate with w3_all and then sync.


2) Integrate with w3_all THEN transfer users into phpBB and then sync.

Which is the suggested order for these operations.

Thank you!!!!!


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Re: Question on transfer order

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The plugin is standalone, do not interfere and you can choose different ways to integrate.
Sequentially i would do this in the scenario you say, to make things very easy and perfectly working to fit the most

Transfer drupal users into phpBB

Check that there are no users sharing same email in phpBB (do not know if drupal allow this, phpBB yes, and this option as explained on the install procedure need to be set into phpBB ACP to not allow email re-use NOR username.
Setup all options on ACP as explained into install procedure about this (beside others that need to be setup).
Check with the transfer procedure page option, that there are no conflicts between users, like different usernames sharing same email, and fix these issues if there are.
Now you can let users to be added into wordpress when they will login in wordpress, or as logged into phpBB they will visits wordpress side.
Or may you want all users transferred into wordpress because you want let users register only in wordpress (that is the best/easy option maybe) and you want them added from the start into wordpress, then you'll execute the transfer process maybe, phpBB into wordpress.

If there are old users into wordpress, check that they have no conflict with others (same email shared between different usernames), the transfer process will report if there are found while transferring.

Set phpBB to not allow new registrations, or you want let users register into phpBB? If yes remember that this is a wp plugin, then if not in iframe mode, that tricky about this in some aspect, but not all, any user modification to email, password or url, will be updated on wordpress when the same user will visit as logged the wordpress side. AND will be added in wordpress when as logged will visits the wordpress side. If in iframe mode, some aspect change, because the fact phpBB display as iframe into a wp page, allow to update both (this you can also experience here in this example, where you can register both in wp or phpBB).

Done this you should be up and running, the way you can integrate are many, and any time you can disconnect with peace of mind.
Remember that when you delete an user in wordpress, in phpBB it will be deactivated (you can use as antispam system the thing if you do not delete these users in phpBB also, that you can do in one click any time) and never more re-added into wordpress (until not re-activated). If you delete an user in phpBB, it NEED to be deleted manually into wordpress. It is important you remember this.

There are several ways you are free to choose to integrate things, that i have not completely cover here.
Just ask i will do my best to explain, and read ALL the install help page until his end ... well it is bad Eng so may it is not a good invitation!


Re: Question on transfer order

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Wow! Thank you!!

I will run it on my test site and see how it goes.

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