Users sometimes logout suddenly


Users sometimes logout suddenly

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I'm using your wp3all plugin in the webpage, which have 20 000 registered users. Some users reported me, that are sometimes suddenly logout from the webpage, especially in cases when they opened more forum iframe links from the homepage.
Could you recommend me, what can I check to prevent doing this? Is there some possibility to logging why user logout?

Thank you

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Re: Users sometimes logout suddenly

Post by axew3 »

Yes i will focus to iframe v6 code in these days, and in short new code will be released, but at moment i think it is not your real problem.
It is assumed that may they login with remember me option, if they login, so what kind of setting have you into phpBB where:

under security setting:
Allow "Remember Me" logins: YES (this you already did maybe)
"Remember Me" login key expiration length (in days):
set to 365 (maybe)

beside this, sure that when they redirect, they not fall into an http/https switch, like the one described here?

substantially you'll have to force your site to be https even if a request is for http (or the contrary, depend if wp is under https).
Setup and force phpBB to be always under http or https like wordpress is

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