Rotate phpBB attachments images - exstension - vers 1.0.4

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Rotate phpBB attachments images - exstension - vers 1.0.4

Post by axew3 »

Add (font awesome) icon (prepend or append) to the image attachment name into the attachments panel (jpg, gif or png) that onlick open a modal popup where it is possible to rotate the image and save it. Preserve images transparencies. Immediately display the rotated image into the post, and not the browser's cached one.
Working on edit, post, reply mode and viewtopic (when/if quick-reply). Light, secure.

Version: updated 02 Apr 2022
(38.01 KiB) Downloaded 57 times
On github: ... s-rotation

Version: 1.0.4 updated 10 Apr 2021

Old versions are here:

Note if updating: before to proceed, you'll have to disable the previous Attachments Rotation 1.0.3 extension into ACP Extensions Manager, and delete extension data.
Then remove the folder /ext/w3all/imageattachrotation,
so follow installing the new 1.0.4


Copy the "w3all" folder into phpBB/ext/

So you'll have: phpBB/ext/w3all/w3imagerotation

Go to "ACP" > "Customise" > "Extensions" and enable the "Attachments images rotation" extension


How do i can style the rotation popup?
It should fit your theme, anyway you can easily change and style it into:

(note that you (maybe) do NOT have to change w3classes and w3ids for html elements, or the javascript code will not work)

Code: Select all

<div id="w3rPopup" class="w3rPopupContainer text-center inputbox" style="display:none">
<table class="w3wrapTABC">
<tr><td class="w3wrapTDC">
<div class="w3divContainer">
<div class="w3divCont"><strong>{{ lang('W3POPUP_TEXTEXPLAIN') }}</strong></div>
<div class="w3divimg"><img id="w3-img-rotate" src="" onclick="w3rotateByDeg(this);" /></div>
<div class="w3divCont"><button class="w3divCont button" type="submit" id="w3btn" onclick="w3sendThis(document.getElementById('w3-img-rotate'));">{{ lang('W3POPUP_BUTTONTEXT') }}</button></div>
the html code is all on top of the file


How do i can choose to prepend or append the rotate icon?

search for line (+- on top):

Code: Select all

var Pw3A = 1; // 0 Append icon, 1 Prepend icon (require to rebuild the phpBB template)

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