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WP_w3all - WordPress Dropbox plugin

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The Dropbox plugin for WordPress is ready to be released. Has been improved with cache system and now is VERY FAST and effective. Thumbnails preview for images added. Still RAW the jQuery ajax images gallery that fire when click on images (at this post date).
Released in few days after lasts fixes, and already available on request: https://www.axew3.com/w3/contact-alessio-nanni/.

https://plugins.w3tasks.com/wp/index.ph ... x/?u=admin

You can register as user and test out the thing by linking on WP profile, your Dropbox account.

It is fast, easy, secure.

Admin options:
choose to activate between Full Dropbox or Folder app
set which WP groups can use the Dropbox feature into WP
set files number limit
set cache time
easy embed into WP template page
User options:
upload, delete, unlink, create, files and folders within WordPress.