No Panic Instructions

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No Panic Instructions

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Force deactivation of the plugin, remove it safely any time ...

This is just a WordPress plugin. It do do not change nothing into phpBB, nor in WordPress, and login users using cookies.
It reside, after the installation, into folder

If some trouble remember that
You can force the deactivation of the plugin and so remove it clean and safe at any time
normally via WP admin -> Plugins -> Installed plugins page

But also
by opening the file
search for these two lines +- in top of file:

Code: Select all

// FORCE Deactivation WP_w3all plugin //
// $w3deactivate_wp_w3all_plugin = 'true';
remove two chars // by the second line, change into:

Code: Select all

// FORCE Deactivation WP_w3all plugin //
$w3deactivate_wp_w3all_plugin = 'true';
Done this, access WP admin and remove the plugin safely (may you'll have to reset your WP password)

- I can't login WordPress side after i disabled the plugin!

YES! Remember that if you choose to hash passwords for users in the phpBB way, once you disable the plugin, may (may not) the user will result with a password hash that WordPress can't recognize without the WP_w3all plugin (or some other line of code that will continue to check the hash in the proper way).

Just reset the password