w3_VTP plugin: Video Killed the WordPress Star!

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w3_VTP plugin: Video Killed the WordPress Star!

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VTP w3_all plugin for WordPress: Video Killed the WordPress Star!

https://plugins.w3tasks.com/wp/wp-vtp-b ... ress-star/

What this plugin can do?

There will be two versions available: one free, one not free.
The non free version, will embed the ffmpeg installation on server, that allow to convert grabbed streams into an mp4 video.
MP4 is the unique format suitable for any existent device.
Users can add own video discussions on their personal pages.
Video streams are grabbed directly on device, from any modern browser (but i need to test safari and adjust for it in case it will be necessary). In one click you can record, insert, delete.
Shortcodes for video, to embed into any post, page or where ever needed, and not only listed on topics/widgets discussions.
Multiple widgets, for multiple audio/video discussions.
Any feature on request.
Recorder and player are coded with native javascript: no external libraries needed.

It is coming very soon! See the raw version, and why it is called ... Video Killed the WordPress Star!

The free version, will produce only webm formats, that is suitable format for any modern browser that supports html5 (which exclude safari ios until it will not implement webm format).

If you like to try out the recorder and see it in action, it display only for registered users, so please register to see how the joke works.

It is done in pure javascript, php and sql. It is secure, easy and fast.