WP_w3all manual setup phpBB
config.php and path setting how to

To setup manual custom phpBB config.php file and the relative absolute path setting to it on WP_w3all admin config page, follow these steps:

Open folder:
inside you’ll find the folder:
wp-w3all-config that contain two files, config.php and .htaccess.
COPY the FOLDER wp-w3all-config AS IS and paste it or upload it via ftp in:
so you’ll have:
now with a text editor open the file config.php contained into folder
and follow hints inside: you just need to add values, the same as are on your phpBB root config.php file, if you do not know how to fill required fields.
Remember to un-comment, removing the pre pending // chars in front the very last line on your custom config.php file, as explained on inline file hints, or even if on Wp_w3all config page the path value that need to point to this file will be correct, the plugin will not be activated.
Hint: memo that you can so also deactivate the WP_w3all plugin safely any time, by opening this file and commenting out this line (or you could do it for testing purpose by setting wrong the path to this file, into WP_w3all admin config page).

Now set the path on WP_w3all admin config page to fit the location of the wp-w3all-config folder.
For help on how to setup correct path, refer to this post:
How to find and set correct absolute path

WP_w3all has been installed. Configure options and widgets. Read more FAQ and hints here: