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My name is Alessio Nanni -Italy – I’m a green lover. I love the sea.
I like to code web tasks resolving problems, but why you should trust me?
Because your site isn’t “just another site” to me.

Skills: Php, MySQL, Javascript, Networking (Apache/Python)

scripts based on any API like Google, Dropbox, Steam, Twitter, SoundCloud,  Facebook and so on, for any CMS (especially for WordPress). Web sites from scratch, web sites data migrations, domain/cross domain integration, installations and services deployment, Php and MySQL sites upgrades and recovery, Back and Front end sites analysis, improvements, modifications, SEO analysis, Web security.
Development or customization on request any kind of CMS, CMS extension, plugin, add-on, module, template and so on. I can fix any non working plugin or add-on/service mixed/installed with any other: beside this, i can reproduce everything exact at pixel using CSS (and graphic programs) however i’m not a graphic designer and actually i do not follow expending my time on these kind of things if really not strictly required or for personal fun … lately little as you can see, but never say never, i’ll rebuild this site as i can and when i will be in inspired time …
(daily using both Unix-Linux and Windows OS since 1998 for my web nightmares)

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