phpBB WordPress integration extension v2

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phpBB WordPress integration extension v2

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The (awesome) w3all phpBB WordPress extension v2

Release 2.0.3 - 04 APR 2024

(old 1.0 releases removed)

Note that NON free personal sites and Commercial sites
cannot use this extension for free since 2.0.1>

Price: 10$

Should work into any Php 5.6> and phpBB 3.2 or >
Anyway it has been coded/tested under Php 8.1> and phpBB 3.3.10>

It can be used as standalone, while some option require to install the WP_w3all integration extension into WordPress to correctly work

If the URL setting is not set, the extension only will work to update email/password/Url and (if option active) to check if the email exist in WP, before to update/register an user in phpBB.

- If already installed a previous version, disable it, delete the extension's data into ACP, then delete the old phpBB Wordpress extension folder phpbbwordpressintegration into

Download the new version

Copy the folder w3all with inside the extension phpbbwordpress
into the root phpBB ext folder, so you'll have:

Go to ACP -> Customise and enable the extension
Go to ACP -> Extensions phpBB WordPress settings and setup db connection values and options.
Note that if you set wrong DB connection values, on saving settings you'll get phpBB db error. In case, just return back with your browser and setup correct db connection values.

What it do?
When an user email will be updated, the same will happen for the same user with same old user email in WordPress. Both ACP and UCP.
Same goes for password and profile URL option.
Also, when an user register(and option active) the user will be added at same time into WordPress, if used in conjunction with the WordPress wp-w3all-phpbb-integration plugin: ... tegration/

Note that redirects options DO NOT need to be activated if the phpBB display as iframed into a WP page by using the template integration options. As result (and obvious) you'll get a WP iframe loaded into a WP page when a redirect happen.
This will be easily fixed on next versions, detecting if the phpBB is loaded into an iframe.

Out of the contest of this topic, may worth to mention that as soon the user will login into the iframed phpBB and the phpBB auth cookie is released, the added overall_footer JS code (iframe integration) will cause the parent WP forum page reload: so at this time the user that do not exist into WP will be automatically added (and logged) into WordPress (even without this extension installed into phpBB).

Note also that the value of the option URL to WordPress, require the final trailing slash / if the integration extension is used to add users in WP when they register in phpBB because the option is active.
https://localhost/wp/ or https://localhost/wp/mypage/ -> OK
https://localhost/wp -> NOT Ok, will not work (WP will not get/process the cURL POST request from phpBB)

Download the phpBB WordPress extension:

2.0.3 - 04 APR 2024
(18.15 KiB) Downloaded 40 times
Fix: exec db queries only when/if required.

Note: 2.0.3 has been patched on date 02 MAY 2024.
Updated/fixed file: ext/w3all/phpbbwordpress/event/main_listener.php
Fix a Php warning: to fix the issue just download again the extension right here above, and overwrite the file ext/w3all/phpbbwordpress/event/main_listener.php with the 2.0.3 fixed one.

Previous versions:

2.0.2 - 22 NOV 2023
(23.03 KiB) Downloaded 199 times
(to update/fix the 2.0.1 about the two Php warnings coming out in certain conditions, you could just replace the file /ext/w3all/phpbbwordpress/event/main_listener.php with this new from 2.0.2)

2.0.1 - 22 OCT 2023
(23.02 KiB) Downloaded 309 times

Follow read more below *
ACP_phpBB WordPress integration.png
ACP_phpBB WordPress integration.png (75.87 KiB) Viewed 7532 times

*What it change into my phpBB?
Nothing, it only update user's data and execute redirects or cURL calls to WordPress (it depend by activated options you'll use) when required.
*Is it secure?

*Note: you could choose to not activate the option that will add user's in WP as they have been registered in phpBB. You could just use the redirect after login. A logged in phpBB user that visit WP and that do not exist in WP, will be added "on fly" into WordPress by the (if installed into WP) WP_w3all WP phpBB plugin.

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