Shorcode: RSS feeds into WordPress

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WP_w3all feed version 1.0

check all others shortcodes listed under the “common how” to section

Note that substantially this shortcode can substitute with easy all others old phpBB last topics shortcodes. It can retrieve any kind of posts/topics list and display as more like using style/classes or inline style. Follow read more below …

Note: this shortcode work ok also if a valid path to a phpBB config.php file has not been setup and the plugin result as not activated (RED text) on plugin admin page

Note also that this shortcode as it is coded, like the related WP hook, caches results for 12 hours by default

Look two raw examples

As basic default the shortcode feeds, that can point to a phpBB generated feed OR to any other valid feed resource, need to be used like this:

The example of feed to retrieve is here for phpBB, but it’s possible to use any valid feed URL to display feeds from any resource. Check some feed example to grab here or any other you want and use into the shortcode like this:

here as example the w3feed_items_num attribute limit to 10 items to retrieve and display from the RSS source:

To display phpBB posts feeds styled, there are some more attribute that is possible to use except the default 2 above explained:

using all together, look this example, that not contain the w3feed_text_words attribute, in which, one possible value to use, is may reserved (may not) to phpBB news/last post RSS, and explained separately more below:

the attribute w3feed_ul_class=”myexampleClassXUL” will assign class name myexampleClassXUL to the wrapper element ul. w3feed_li_class do the same for nested li assigning myexampleClassXLI to all li elements of this feed.

adding w3feed_href_blank=”1″ will cause that links elements <a> that point to topics or links to authors will include/output with the html attribute target=”_blank”

w3feed_inline_style attribute can be used to inject inline style into each li element. Note that by the way it has been tested without using special chars on it, so that special characters may need to be properly escaped to be used in this case.

It’s possible to assign different classes and display each shortcode feeds output, ul and li elements, styled as it need to be or/and as more like.

Here you can see examples for phpBB to retrieve feeds: forums news, all forums, single forum, single topic and more, plus advanced features:

The w3feed_text_words=”numOfWords” attribute is may reserved to be used only for phpBB posts feeds, while the 0 (zero) and content values are ok to be used on any other feed, not only phpBB:

0 | num of words | content

if omitted w3feed_text_words=”content” is the default behavior/result, that will return all the content of the post or feed item, changing nothing on output.

while adding an integer value, as example 30, so, w3feed_text_words=”30″ will cause that firsts 30 post’s words will display, and the default Statistics: phpBB text on output removed, while will be maintained all the rest, and the result will be something like:

Post Title
Post Content
Posted by axew3 — Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:04 am

w3feed_text_words=”numOfWords” int value can may also be used for any feed and not only for phpBB posts, but check before that the result is what you expect to be.

Using 0 (zero), so w3feed_text_words=”0″ , will cause that only topic’s titles links will display.

Except the mandatory w3feed_url attribute, any of the attributes can be mixed, applied or not applied, on each shortcode feed.