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  • WordPress phpBB integration 2.7.2 released


    = 2.7.2 =*Release Date - 19 Jul, 2023** Fix: warnings on PHP Version 8.2.6> - PHP Deprecated:  Use of "self" in callables is deprecated in .../wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php on line ... (and wp_w3all.php file)* Fix: add_filter( 'wp_pre_insert_user_data' on file wp_w3all.php: run it only when on front end (external plugins registration pages). As reported here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cannot-create-new-wp-users/#post-16904026 it has been tested without possiblity to reproduce the issue on Php 8.2.6 and the last nightly WP. Anyway, and in any case, it should be now resolved.* Update: updated all iframe resize files to latest 4.3.6 version on folder /wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons/resizer/  https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer* Minor fixes all around (also hints)
    If using the iframe template integration, remember to update/replace the files
    into the phpBB root, that you have to copy on folder:

    then Recompile stale style components: into ACP

    Posted by axew3 — Wed Jul 19, 2023 8:43 pm — Replies 0 — Views 145

  • Login widget Problem


    I'm not sure I understand everything about this complex and useful plugin, but I just want to get the widgets working.

    I have 2 websites:
    - mywebsite.com with a WP
    - forum.mywebsite.com with a Phpbb

    I installed your plugin on WP, didn't touch any option, and everything is fine. The "latest topics" and "online stats" widgets are fine, but I have a problem with the connection widget: nothing appears, I just have the title "Connection", nothing else.

    In fact, I want to use only the phpbb user database so that users can be logged in on both sites at the same time (on WP, the only user is the administrator).

    I don't understand what I'm missing...

    Posted by Guest — Wed Jun 28, 2023 2:52 pm — Replies 2 — Views 263

  • login error

    Since last update, when you log from phpbb forum there is no problem, but when you log from wordpress it says "Undefined" though if you update the web it logs ok.
    I have disabled all cache modules and it still show the same error

    Posted by Guest — Sat Jun 17, 2023 12:09 pm — Replies 4 — Views 218

News from engadget.com

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  • Apple's new AirPods Pro with USB-C charging case are already $50 off

    With the big switch to USB-C on the iPhone 15, Apple also made the same change to its latest AirPods Pro wireless ANC headphones, with a USB-C charging case. They only just came out over a week ago, but you can already grab them on sale for $200 at Amazon — a very solid 20 percent discount. 

    The switch to a USB-C charging case for the AirPods Pro was telegraphed well in advance thanks to various leaks, and we even saw a homemade version from the same guy who adapted an older iPhone to USB-C. The update should (eventually) eliminate a lot of cable clutter, and you can even charge the earbuds directly from an iPhone 15. 

    Along with the new port, Apple also upgraded both the case and earbuds weatherproofing, boosting the rating from IPX4 to IP54 with dust protection. The new model carries the same H2 chip as the Vision Pro headset, so it will support low-latency lossless audio in that device when it launches next year. That did create some controversy, though, as the previous AirPods Pro with a Lightning charging case won't work with Vision Pro. 

    Otherwise, they're much the same as the previous 2nd-generation version. Compared to the first-gen AirPods Pro, they offer better audio quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) performance. They have the most natural-sounding transparency mode of any we've tested, meaning you can hear yourself so well you don't need to shout, and at times, it sounds like you aren't even wearing them. Conveniences like hands-free access to Siri, seamless switching between iCloud-connected devices and the added volume control also come in handy.

    If you already have the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro it's probably not worth getting these. But if you're in the market for a new pair, $50 off is a stellar deal for such a new product — but the sale probably won't last long. 

    Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/apples-new-airpods-pro-with-usb-c-charging-case-are-already-50-off-104504086.html?src=rss

  • Uber Eats will begin accepting food stamps for grocery deliveries in 2024

    Uber Eats will finally catch up with its peers and start accepting food stamps as payments for grocery deliveries. Starting next year, users will be able to pay for fresh groceries using their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from right within the app. The service is also working with Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans so that people with flexible spending account (FSA) and Flex cards can use them to pay for eligible items, such as fruits and other healthy foods. It also sounds like Uber is adding more "relevant waiver payment" methods nearer launch. 

    By accepting these forms of payment, Uber Eats is making fresh produce and other quality food items more accessible. It could especially benefit seniors and other people who have mobility issues, as well as those who live outside town centers and don't have ready access to transportation. Uber Eats is just the latest restaurant and grocery delivery service accepting SNAP payments, though. Instacart has been accepting food stamps since 2020, starting with a partnership with the grocery chain Aldi. In June, DoorDash announced that it was also accepting SNAP payments in partnership with 4,000 groceries and convenience stores across the US.

    A screen showing the coverage breakdown of an Uber Eats grocery order paid in part using a health benefits card.
    Uber Eats

    Before these new payment methods become available, Uber Eats will launch a new AI-powered assistant later this year. Users will be able to chat with the assistant to discover new cuisine, find deals on restaurants and groceries, as well as to quickly reorder meals.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/uber-eats-will-begin-accepting-food-stamps-for-grocery-deliveries-in-2024-095521987.html?src=rss

  • Fujifilm's Instax Pal is a tiny digital camera that lets you print later

    With its latest Instax camera, Fujifilm has separated the camera from the printer. The Instax Pal is a tiny palm-sized 4.9-megapixel (MP) camera that takes digital photos, then lets you print them to the bundled Instax Mini Link 2 printer with a variety of effects via the new Instax Pal app. Designed for users 13 and up, the idea is to "capture life's spontaneous moments for photo printing," the company says. 

    The camera is automatic, but aperture and shutter settings cover a wide range of shooting conditions, from interior to exterior. It's equipped with a wide angle lens and flash, and lets you shoot in a variety of ways. You can capture images by pushing the large shutter button on the back, or trigger it remotely using the Pal app. It supports interval shooting to capture scenes with 3, 6, 11 or 21 continuous images at three-second intervals. 

    Fujifilm's Instax Pal camera lets you shoot digitally and print physical photos

    There's a detachable ring for use as a finger strap, simple viewfinder (lol) or a camera stand for remote shooting. Other features include a speaker for audio prompts, a USB-C port for charging, a microSD card slot (the internal memory can hold 50 images) and even a screw mount for a tripod. 

    Via Bluetooth, the Instax Pal app gives you a view through the camera's lens for composing images and triggering the shutter. Images are then automatically copied to the app. You can adjust the exposure by +/- 2 EV and choose two between two quality settings, Rich mode (vivid, with more detail) and Natural mode. When you're ready to print, there's a bundle of effects that includes sepia, cool, vivid and soft, along with controls for brightness, contrast, rotate, crop, text, stickers, emojis and more. 

    Fujifilm's Instax Pal camera lets you shoot digitally and print physical photos

    Printing from the app is possible, but unfortunately requires a second Fujifilm app for the printer. It lets you print Instax Mini pictures (2.13 x 3.4 inches) in about 15 seconds, with a 1.5-minute development time. Quality is about the same as you'd get with an Instax Mini camera like the SQ40, since the process is the same — the only difference is that the Pal's camera is separated from the printer. The advantage to the second app is that you can also print photos from your smartphone's camera reel. 

    Photos can also be sent to friends via the Pal app, or posted to social media — all fitting for a camera marketed to teens. The only challenge is that it isn't cheap. The Instax Pal bundle arrives in late October (along with the app) for $200, while the new Soft Lavender Instax film designed for the bundle is $15.75 for a 10 pack (regular Instax film is about $13 for a ten pack). If you only need physical photos, other Instax Mini models are far cheaper at less than $100 — but the Pal does support both physical and digital photos, while giving you a smartphone printer to boot. 

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/fujifilms-instax-pal-is-a-tiny-digital-camera-that-lets-you-print-later-091509085.html?src=rss

  • The next DALL-E will be able to generate results within ChatGPT

    OpenAI is gearing up to roll out the third version of DALL-E, its text-to-image AI system, which reportedly improves its predecessor's capabilities and can generate results within the ChatGPT app. The company demonstrated how the new iteration integrates with ChatGPT to The Verge, and it showed the publication how users can ask the chatbot to write a lengthy and detailed prompt the image AI can use. 

    OpenAI told Axios that DALL-E 3 is "significantly better" at being able to grasp a user's intention, especially if the prompt is long and detailed. If a user can't articulate what they want in a way that can maximize the image generator's abilities, then ChatGPT can help them write a comprehensive prompt for it. In the demo to The Verge, DALL-E produced four results for a prompt asking for a ramen restaurant logo in the mountains within ChatGPT. 

    DALL-E 3 was also designed to be better at creating elements its predecessors and other AI generators are having trouble with, such as depictions of hands and texts in images. And it's supposed to have better security measures — the company said it trained the new DALL-E ignore certain words in prompts that could lead to explicit or hateful images.

    In addition, OpenAI has implemented measures that could prevent future potential lawsuits. The current version of DALL-E can generate images in the style of living artists, but the next version was designed to decline requests asking it to mimic their work. Artists will also be able to submit work they own through a form on the website and ask for it to be removed.

    OpenAI plans to release DALL-E 3 next month to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise customers. The new image generator will then make its way to OpenAI's research labs and API customers sometime this fall, but the company has yet to announce its general public availability. 

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-next-dall-e-will-be-able-to-generate-results-within-chatgpt-063833672.html?src=rss

  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth hands-on: Broader horizons and deeper combat

    How many times am I going to buy this game? I'm still waiting on the answer to that, but I recently played two demos for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the (poorly named) second chapter of what’s set to be a three-part remake of the 1997 RPG.

    Across two separate demos, I played roughly an hour of the game, due to launch in February 2024. The first demo was a flashback tale of hero Cloud and villain Sephiroth’s journey into a problematic reactor found in Tifa and Cloud’s hometown of Nibel. This chapter featured in the original 1997 game, soon after the party left Midgar, but the twist is that you can play, control and fight as the silver-haired antagonist, Sephiroth, in battles. And at this point in time, Sephiroth and Cloud are totally cool with each other.

    This flashback, with an unnaturally chipper Cloud, reintroduces the battle system of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which offered battles that combined real-time attacks and defense with more specialized techniques, magical spells and all things Final Fantasy. The result was a satisfying hybrid, even if fans of turn-based RPGs weren’t into it.

    This is a sequel, so of course there are new facets and tricks. This time, there’s a new focus on characters teaming up to attack together, something teased during the Remake DLC chapter, which centered on Yuffie and Sonan.

    Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth preview
    Square Enix

    These synergy skills are now available to Cloud and the rest of the core party. You might get two options depending on who the controlled character is fighting alongside. In the case of Sephiroth and Cloud, you get a chargeable sword attack, augmented by… whatever magic Sephiroth seems to control, or a ranged attack. Unlike the standard abilities and spells, these synergy skills may not hit hard, but they’re instantly reusable. They’re also initiated while pressing square or triangle buttons while guarding, helping to decide which one to use, while keeping your character a little safer.

    I saw examples of synergy skills that would launch Tifa, your close-range heavy-hitter, into the air, so she could close in on flying enemies, while Aerith, the magical glass cannon, could call an ally to offer her some defense from attacks. Honestly, it was these strategic skills that I’m most intrigued by. Others are more typical attacking collaborations, like Yuffie’s fiery ninjitsu spells attached to Barret's gun barrage.

    Sidenote: One of my issues with FF7 Remake was the arbitrary behavior of aerial attacks — is this the solution? A simple, repeatable skill? I hope so.

    Then, there are new synergy abilities (not to be confused with synergy skills). These are more like ‘ultimate attacks’ for your paired-up heroes. Similar to the solo limit break attacks, which are still here, a gauge builds up as you use the synergy skills, regular attacks and defend. These are the showstoppers: In the case of Cloud and Sephiroth, it’s a combination sword attack that really shines against the bigger beasts.

    I was intrigued to see how the development team would deal with transferring established characters across. I wouldn’t be surprised if some narrative MacGuffin wiped out something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so far.

    Many moves and special attacks (if not all — I didn’t check the entire moveset inventory) already earned in the first part of the trilogy are ready to use in the demo. However, there’s no word on whether equipment or materia (the spell-slinging orbs you equip on weapons) will transfer across. I noted some new materia, including one that ‘levels up’ paired materia to offer up even more powerful spells.

    You’ll need them, as there are bigger beasts and fights. The first part of this remake project was a pretty game, especially the polished-up Intergrade version that landed on PS5 and other platforms. Can you see the improvements with this new game, now built for 2023’s consoles and PCs? Already, yes, a little.

    Square Enix advised we play the demos in graphics mode, so that’s higher-res textures but at the sacrifice of smoother frame rates. Rebirth seemed to offer healthier frame rates during this demo than Remake, which is a good sign. (But I’m still likely to play most of Rebirth in the frame-rate priority mode)

    The second demo was more indicative of stronger game hardware, taking the game into an open-world area around the military city of Junon – an area more expansive than what we saw in FF7R.

    Characters can now sprint and vault over low-level hazards and hills. It makes the world feel less on-rails than its predecessor, even in the more constrictive reactor demo. There’s more to explore, even if traversal seems a bit crunchy, compared to games like Horizon series or Assassin’s Creed – not that I’m expecting protagonist Cloud with that giant sword to parkour with the best of them.

    Sprinting only gets you so far, however, and the second demo started off with the party mounting the trusty Final Fantasy steed of choice, a giant bird species known as chocobos.

    As I explored the area, I also unlocked several quick-travel points to speed things up further. Time was limited, but I could face off against a few challenging enemies, which came with additional battle challenges. These were good for deepening my understanding of the new battle system, saving up specific attacks to unleash at the right moment.

    Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth preview

    Battles still feature the dynamics of building up stagger gauges or pressuring an enemy with elemental attacks, well-timed dodges, or hitting weak points. Each character is unique enough to come into their own against different monsters and threats. Gunner Barret and the aforementioned Aerith are both long-range attackers, while brawler Tifa and cat-wolf Red XIII are more agile, but focused on short-range. During the demo, I got to switch between different (but predetermined) party groupings, which usually ensured a balanced team.

    As I guided Cloud and the rest of the gang around the cliffs and grassland, I’d collect items that can be combined in a new crafting menu, to create healing items on the fly. These crafted potions, however, often feature extra benefits, whether that’s magic point recovery or status healing. Like those new synergy attacks, Square Enix is teasing a game that feels very much like it’s deepening the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The bigger question is: how are the team going to twist the story further, when Remake teased alternate timelines and something a little different to the story of the PS1 original?

    We’ll have to wait until February 2024 to see.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/final-fantasy-7-rebirth-hands-on-broader-horizons-and-deeper-combat-030012766.html?src=rss

WordPress phpBB
mChat integration

This procedure assume you installed the wp_w3all WordPress phpBB integration plugin (in linked or not linked users mode) into WordPress, and phpBB mChat into your phpBB. At date of this post, the code as is can be applied by anyone, but this is a raw procedure may easy to be changed by advanced users. Work fine, but to optimize at best for your site, you may have to change something on the little javascript code you’ll add as explained on install steps. You can see the concept and code to apply available here:

WordPress phpBB mChat w3all procedure

See live raw working examples here:

WordPress phpBB mChat integration example

Just a good point to start from, that can be easily improved under any aspect and to fit any needs. Will be upgraded along the time.

phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v3)

v3 version (for cool people) old v2 version is here


Cool people are actually using version 4:

phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v4)


phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v4)

PAGE HELP – JS code – UPDATED on 24 Feb 2019
(related views/page-forum.phpupdated on 3 Gen 2019)


phpBB SEO mods compatible

wp_w3all plugin 1.9.4 >

(READ ALL this page)

wp_w3all responsive iframe procedure v3

After you built/create the WP forum template page via option
WP_w3all phpBB embedded on WordPress Template
on WP_w3all admin config page, and the blank page on WordPress Admin -> Pages -> Add New, titled the same of created wp_w3all template page, so forum or board  etc (then you’ll have into your active WordPress template folder a file named page-forum.php or page-board.php etc), to complete the procedure and get the responsive iframe height for the embedded/iframed phpBB into WordPress template page you need:

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_footer.html

and just before the closing </body> tag, add this code (do not select rows numbers on copied code):

after you pasted this code into phpBB overall_footer.html
edit following lines:

change axew3.com to fit your domain name (example axew3.com)
do NOT add http(s):// OR the point in front nor anything else, just add
yourdomain.com or set it as localhost if on localhost test. If phpBB is at subdomain.domain.com, add domain.com as value
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work
now check the other line to change:

change value
on this line, to point to the URL of the WordPress created/named forum page (do not add final slash and change http or https as needed)

Finally, check this line

in the code you added (last line): this should correctly point to the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file that you’ll go to add into phpBB root folder. You need to use the absolute URL (use http or https as needed, and adjust the url to fit your needs)
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work

AFTER EDITED, save and load the modified overall_footer.html into your phpBB style folder, overwriting the default one, and so

load through ftp on the phpBB root folder (or copy/paste), the file
that is contained inside folder

After this, phpBB require to recompile the template, or modifications to template files not affect (to overall_footer.html in this case). Open phpBB ACP, and so under:

Server Configuration -> Load settings -> Recompile stale style components set to YES and save. Load one time a phpBB full forum page. Leave as is at moment, especially if you follow adding also the code on overall_header.html (more below) to redirect any phpBB direct URL to the iframed WP page: then after tested that all work fine, may return to ACP, and reset to NO and save. This step is needed to load the template modifications on phpBB (and any time you edit a phpBB template file to for modifications take effect), but this option should be ever set to NO into an online/production site to save server resources. It is normally set to yes only for testing/devel purpose or to apply modifications on phpBB templates files.

Notification email links to point to iframe: follow read more below for the pure Javascript solution. Refer to v2 or v1 code for htaccess or js solution editing phpBB notifications files.

The new V3 w3all iframe code do not use anymore htaccess to force redirect as on V1 code, and substantially not rewrite URLs forcing redirect to iframe, but use pure Javascript (reload) code, that as you may imagine, lead to some different result: you’ll not have to edit phpBB notification links on phpBB notification files as on V1 or V2 code, to force users redirect to iframe when they click on notification email link. But in this case, any user except bots, will be redirected (as code is, but it can be easily changed to assume different behaviors, may excluding admins or moderators etc) to the WP iframed page, if the forum accessed via real phpBB url.

To apply same smooth scroll effect as it is on this online example, after finished with this procedure, follow with this steps:

Smooth scroll for phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v3)

If you want phpBB email notification links or any phpBB direct url to be redirected to wp iframed forum page using pure javascript, follow this step:

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_header.html

and just immediately after this code (or by the way, before the closing tag </head>)

add the following code:

On added code, change URL on the line where (line 3):

to fit/point to the WordPress iframed forum page: DO NOT ADD final slash and setup as http or https as needed.

NOTE: if you added the code above into phpBB overall_header.html then you’ll need to remove or comment out this part by the code you added into the overall_footer.html:

Recompile phpBB template and reset to no the option when changes applied

whenever you want: to get the iframe responsive for ACP phpBB admin panel, read this post. My (personal) suggestion is to stop here and try to use the integration leaving ACP out of iframe joke. If by the way you want to follow, before to apply then you’ll have to little change the above code for overall_footer.html and overall_header.html in this way:

on code for overall_footer.html remove this part:

on code for overall_header.html remove this part:

change into:

WP_w3all for WordPress MS MU (Multisite, Multiuser network installations)

Configure WP_w3all on WordPress MS MU

WP_w3all plugin from 2.0.2 – WordPress MU MS  . The plugin can be also network activated, but the linked phpBB on each subsite, need to be the same (same path and same url setting value). If the plugin is network activated, it is mandatory that the sub admin or super admin, setup/configure  into (each) subsite the same config of the main site for the integration plugin. Users that register in phpBB (if you allow this in phpBB) are added as users only into the FIRST WP site (or subsite) where users will login or that they will visits while coming already logged in into phpBB. *But you could use a plugin to add coming phpBB logged users, into each or just few WordPress site/subsites they visits, see more below.

OPEN wp-config.php file:

search for line (value wp_ can be maybe different):

immediately after ADD:

BEWARE that it is NOT possible to link different phpBB installations on same installation network, the integration in this state lead to unpredictable results! … in true it is very predictable what can happen, but really long to explain and too hard for my Eng! In short, it is NOT possible to link a different phpBB into WP network subsites with actual code.
Setup into sub-sites, if the plugin is network activated, same path and url in WP_w3all config, with same values of main site.

*Hint: you could use a plugin to add coming phpBB logged users, into each WordPress they visits, or just to few, and with several different features:  search for Join My Multisite plugin at WordPress plugins directory.

NOTE: WP_w3all phpBB integration plugin when an user is deleted in WordPress (so it become deactivated in phpBB, and then you may go to delete this user in phpBB) also clean up from signup table in WordPress this user. This is necessary for compatibility (as the code is) with the phpBB integration to avoid that another user register with same email into phpBB (if you allow users to register also on phpBB side, and you have may also deleted this user in phpBB) while the user has been deleted in WP, but his email/username still stored into WP database signups table.

How are users identified when you add/transfer existent user
integration of same username/email users

Problem: i have WordPress users and I have phpbb users, they have different usernames but the same email addresses.


user A into phpBB with email C
user B into WP with email C

user A into phpBB come to try to login WP: NOT added can’t login WP side.

If you use the transfer process of WP users into phpBB:

user A Same above.
user B transferred into phpBB, B now can login into both phpBB and WP.
You’ll have two users into phpBB with same email, which is possible as option into phpBB.

You can also merge posts/users into one user in this way:

Change email to the user B in WP.
Login with the phpBB user A into WP, that will be added, as no same email found.
Now delete user B in WP, and retain posts assigning to A.

Result: an unique user, with all his posts on both phpBB and WP.

NOTE: This is just to give an idea on how to resolve common problems about an integration with pre existent users in phpBB that may have same email. But there are several more possibilities: in phpBB ACP there are many options to manage users and posts, and combining these and from the above, you should get the way to resolve any possible scenario.

Based on this topic: How are users identified? (when adding/transfer existent users)


WPD – w3all
WordPress Dropbox integration

WPD w3all WordPress plugin for Dropbox, to display and manage shared Dropbox user’s files into WordPress user’s pages.

Display shared Dropbox files, into WordPress user’s pages.
Choose between Full Dropbox App or Folder App.
Ajax images gallery.
Choose which WP groups can use the Dropbox in WordPress.
Limit files in sharing to retrieve and display in WordPress.
Data cache.
Template embed into any WordPress with an easy how to included.
Users can manage their files within WordPress, delete/create folders, link, unlink files and folders, upload and create/link files and folders.

Any other feature on request.

The Dropbox plugin has been installed also here at axew3.com, and activated for an user named axew3:

Display into WordPress, images from Dropbox, by coping the link of it on WordPress Dropbox user page, and by clicking on WP button
Add Media -> Insert from Url and just paste the URL.

w3tasks dropbox wordpress integration
w3tasks sample logo

Or files just adding pure URL:

Ask for it at https://plugins.w3tasks.com/wp/

If you like to test the user files manager, which is feature available for each user on his own WordPress Dropbox page, please register into this site, or at plugins.w3tasks.com, and send a request by using the contact page.