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Latest 3 news from axew3.com forums

  • axew3.com 15 years!

    axew3.com is 15 years old!
    Let celebrate a special day!

    Registered On
    2007-05-21 ;)

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Fri May 20, 2022 10:00 pm — Replies 0 — Views 7

  • UX suggestion


    first let me thank you for this usefull piece of software!

    I would suggest to organize differently the plugin features in the WP menu for enhanced UX, just my personal point of view /taste of course.

    1. single entry point in WP menu to access all plugin features organized by tabs if necessary (Vs now features are different menu entries in both Settings and Tool WP menus)
    2. single menu entry point under WP Users menu, as plugin main objective is to deal with users
    3. Name single menu entry point something like "phpBB Integration" or better, but "phpBB" is the keyword

    On bullets 1 and 2 I can recommend as example / source of inspiration the "Temporary Login Without Password" plugin.

    Have a nice weekend,

    Statistics: Posted by mcgrelio — Sun May 01, 2022 9:52 am — Replies 1 — Views 18

  • auto login to phpbb forum from website


    Sorry for the question, but I'm not clear on this feature, if it exists.

    My forum is on a page on my website that only authorized users can access. The page is secured by members(memberpress). When a user signs into my wordpress website to access this page and then goes into the forum page are they automatically logged in to phpbb?

    In short, which component of your plugin does the auto logins to the worpress forum, if it does? I have the ID replication piece working, but had trouble getting the phpbb embedded on a wordpress template piece working.

    John CUmmings

    Statistics: Posted by johncummings — Tue Apr 26, 2022 9:42 am — Replies 3 — Views 72

News from engadget.com

Latest 5 news from – engadget.com/rss.xml – target _blank – inline styled, used like this:

  • Margaret Atwood protests book bans with 'unburnable' copy of 'The Handmaid's Tale'

    Book bans are becoming more prevalent in US school libraries and classrooms, making it harder (but not impossible) for students to get their hands on certain texts that might expand their worldview. To raise awareness of such moves and perhaps protest the threat of literal book burning, Margaret Atwood and Penguin Random House are auctioning a one-off, "unburnable" edition of her classic dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale.

    The publisher says it's "a powerful symbol against censorship and a reminder of the necessity of protecting vital stories." This copy of the book has been printed and bound in fireproof materials, including white heat shield foil pages and a phenolic hard cover. Atwood put a prototype copy to the test by trying to burn it with a flamethrower.

    "The Handmaid’s Tale has been banned many times — sometimes by whole countries, such as Portugal and Spain in the days of Salazar and the Francoists, sometimes by school boards, sometimes by libraries," the author said in a statement. "Let’s hope we don’t reach the stage of wholesale book burnings, as in Fahrenheit 451. But if we do, let’s hope some books will prove unburnable — that they will travel underground, as prohibited books did in the Soviet Union.”

    At the time of writing, the highest bid for the book stands at $48,000. The auction will close on June 7th.

    All proceeds will go to PEN America to support its efforts to fight book bans across the US. In a recent report, the free-expression organization documented 1,586 bans on individual books in 86 school districts across 26 states.

    Penguin Random House notes that censors' targets tend to be "literary works about racism, gender and sexual orientation, often written by authors of color and LGBTQ+ writers, as well as classroom lessons about social inequality, history and sexuality." It argued that such moves violate students' First Amendment rights and hamper education and the flow of ideas.

    “We are at an urgent moment in our history, with ideas and truth — the foundations of our democracy — under attack," the publisher's CEO Markus Dohle said. "Few writers have been as instrumental in the fight for free expression as Margaret Atwood.”

  • Jeep parent company Stellantis will reportedly plead guilty to emissions fraud

    The world’s fifth-largest automaker will reportedly soon plead guilty to end a multi-year investigation into its efforts to conceal the amount of pollution created by its diesel engines. According to Reuters, the US Justice Department and Dodge parent company Stellantis could announce as early as next week that the automaker has agreed to pay $300 million to settle allegations of crminal fraud. Stellantis declined to comment on the report.

    The Justice Department began investigating Stellantis around 2019 when the automaker recalled nearly 1 million vehicles in the US and Canada for not meeting federal tailpipe emission standards. As of last year, the agency has announced criminal charges for just three Stellantis employees. The probe involved approximately 100,000 Ram pickup trucks and Jeep SUVs sold in the US.

    The deal comes five years after Volkswagen famously pleaded guilty to its own emissions scandal. “Dieselgate” saw the German automaker eventually pay more than $20 billion in fines and legal settlements for installing illegal software designed to cheat government emissions tests. Since then, sales of diesel vehicles have plummeted in Europe and other parts of the world.

  • CVS won’t fill prescriptions for controlled substances from two telehealth companies

    CVS will no longer fill prescriptions from telehealth companies Cerebral and Done Health for controlled substances. The pharmacy chain said that, following a review, it had unresolved concerns with both companies. The Wall Street Journal first reported the news.

    "We are committed to making mental health services as accessible and convenient as possible. At the same time, it is important that medications are prescribed appropriately," CVS Health's executive director of corporate communications Mike DeAngelis told Engadget. 

    "We recently conducted a review of certain telehealth companies that prescribe controlled substance medications. As a result of our being unable to resolve concerns we have with Cerebral and Done Health, effective May 26th, 2022, CVS Pharmacy will no longer accept prescriptions for controlled substances issued through these companies."

    The startups have tens of thousands of patients between them, the Journal notes. They have prescribed stimulants such as Adderall for patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These stimulants are regulated and classed as schedule 2 controlled substances due to the risk of abuse.

    Some other pharmacies, such as Walmart and Truepill, previously delayed or declined to fill prescriptions from the two startups. They reportedly had concerns that clinicians at Cerebral and Done were writing too many stimulant prescriptions.

    It recently emerged that Cerebral is under investigation by the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Following that news, the company put prescriptions for ADHD meds for new patients on hold. Cerebral said last week it would stop prescribing most controlled substances for all patients by October. Just two days after that, its board replaced CEO Kyle Robertson.

    Along with ADHD, Cerebral says it treats depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders and serious mental illnesses through therapy, counseling and, in some cases, prescriptions. Done focuses on ADHD treatment. 

    Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians were banned from prescribing stimulants without an in-person visit with patients. Those federal rules were loosened in March 2020 for schedule 2 substances, which enabled Cerebral and Done to start offering prescriptions after virtual consultations.

    Engadget has contacted Cerebral and Done for comment.

  • How to shop for a smart grill

    Let’s face it: smart grills are expensive. For most pellet grill brands, you’re going to pay $1,000 or more. Weber’s WiFi-equipped gas grills are about the same. That’s why it’s important to consider what type of cooking you plan to do and how often you want to do it when you’re shopping. If you’re a casual griller who cooks burgers on holiday weekends or the occasional steak, a smart grill might be overkill. If you cook outside all the time and want to expand your skill set to low-and-slow barbecue, you’re probably in the right place.

    The real benefit of a smart grill is being able to keep tabs on your food without having to stand next to it the whole time. Most models allow you to monitor temperatures and offer some degree of cooking guidance. There’s convenience for beginners and experienced cooks alike, especially for things that take several hours to complete. However, if you’re happy with a Weber Kettle or Big Green Egg, there are ways to get smart grill features without making a pricey purchase.

    Smart grill alternatives

    ThermoWorks Smoke X4

    You can get the basic function of a smart grill for $100 or less. All you really need to keep tabs on temperatures from a short distance away is an RF thermometer that has meat probes. For its accuracy and ease of use, I prefer the ThermoWorks Smoke line. The most affordable option is $99 and it comes with one food probe and one ambient temperature probe. For $169, you can upgrade to the longer-range two-probe Smoke X2 and the four-probe Smoke X4 is $199. All of these allow you to monitor things from inside and they offer the ability to set both high and low temperature alarms for audible alerts. ThermoWorks also sells an additional accessory that can add WiFi to the base-level Smoke model, allowing you to send stats to your phone.

    Of course, those devices only monitor temperature. They don’t do anything to help you adjust heat levels. For that, ThermoWorks built Billows. It’s a temperature control fan that eliminates the need for you to manually open/close vents on a smoker or grill that’s burning charcoal or wood. You’ll need a ThermoWorks controller to use it, like the $239 four-probe Signals unit. Signals is more expensive than the Smoke models, but it has WiFi built in, so it works with your phone right out of the box.

    If both WiFi and step-by-step guidance are your thing, the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub is a great option. This adds nearly every smart function to any grill. Weber’s app not only offers tips for how to prep food, but it also walks you through the entire process – from flipping to wrapping and resting. Timers let you know when the next step is coming and the hardware/software combo can even estimate when the cook will be complete. That last bit comes in handy when smoking things like brisket that can take 8-12 hours. The Hub can accommodate up to four probes, so you can keep tabs on multiple foods and grill temp via the simple on-board interface.

    Pellet grills

    Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill

    When it comes to smart grills, the backyard cookers that burn wood pellets are some of the most popular models. Basically, a heating element in the bottom of the grill ignites compressed wood that’s fed to the fire pot via an auger. A fan that’s run by a controller on the grill regulates the size of the flame and overall temperature. Of course, all of this is done automatically once you set the temperature. What’s more, WiFi-enabled pellet grills allow you to monitor and adjust temperatures from your phone, so you can stay inside and entertain your guests.

    A key advantage of pellet grills is their versatility. Most of them can handle low-and-slow cooking at as little as 180 degrees Fahrenheit as well as searing high-heat temps of 600 degrees or higher. This gives you the ability to cook everything from brisket, ribs and pork butts to burgers, pizza and steaks. Some even have a slider that allows you to sear over the flame of the fire box.

    There are more affordable smart pellet grills on the market, but for the mix of hardware and software performance, Traeger and Weber are solid picks. Traeger offers more options as it has a variety of models, all of which are WiFi-equipped, starting at $900. The company’s completely redesigned Timberline series is basically an outdoor kitchen. It can accommodate a variety of accessories to expand its abilities and there’s a built-in induction burner on the side for making sauces, cooking sides, and searing. With the Traeger app, you get access to a massive library of recipes, all of which can be sent to the grill so you don’t have to dial in the settings. You also get step-by-step instructions, timers, food probe temps and the ability to activate special modes. All of that is in addition to remote grill temperature monitoring and control.

    With Weber’s SmokeFire grill, you get the connectivity and convenience a lot of pellet grills can offer. There’s only one model, but it comes in two sizes to suit your needs. Weber Connect is a handy culinary companion that not only powers the grill, but it also provides guided details for every step in the process. This software’s key advantage is estimated completion times, which help you to know when your food will be ready. It’s very handy when you have a hungry crowd asking how the pulled pork sandwiches are coming. During my tests, I was also impressed by how much smoke flavor the SmokeFire gave the food. Weber’s pellet grill doesn’t have a solid plate covering the fire pot like some Traeger models, so smoke moves around the cook chamber differently.

    Gas grills

    Weber Genesis E-325s gas grill

    Smart options aren’t limited to pellet grills, though. If you don’t have a need for the lower-temperature cooking, a propane or natural gas model might be a better option. In 2021, Weber brought its Connect smart grilling platform to its gas grills, offering three- and four-burner configurations, some of which also have a side burner for extra cooking space. Just like on the SmokeFire, Weber Connect not only allows you to monitor both food and grill temperatures from a comfy chair, it can guide you through the process and give you time updates. You still have to manually adjust the burners, but Weber’s app can alert you when you’re running low on fuel (propane models).

    Other types of smart grills

    Masterbuilt Gravity 560

    Both pellet and gas grills have their merits, but some folks prefer the tried-and-true flavor of charcoal when cooking outdoors. While the purchase of one of the previously mentioned accessories will probably achieve what you're after for a kettle or kamado-style grill you already have, there are some charcoal smart grills that offer a degree of connectivity for your cooks.

    The Masterbuilt Gravity Series makes some really tasty food and its gravity-fed hopper keeps fuel management minimal. It works well as both a smoker and a high-heat searing machine, and it gives you the ability to watch things from your phone. The only catch is it can be difficult to light when you're starting with used briquettes at the bottom. I found it best to dump the hopper and start with fresh charcoal every time, positioning any previously burned fuel that’s still usable further up the stack.

    Another charcoal solution with remote monitoring is a Spark Grill. The minimally designed units rely on one large piece of charcoal, dubbed Briqs, that the grills heat to between 250 and 900 degrees. This temperature range gives Spark Grills more versatility than your kettle. You set the temperature via a simple dial and that’s it, the grills are ready to cook on in about 10 minutes. And so long as you stay in Bluetooth range, you can keep tabs on grill temps from your phone.

  • Lucid recalls all of its 2022 Air EVs due to wiring issues

    Despite already struggling to meet production targets, luxury EV maker Lucid has now issued a recall for the Air due to potential issues stemming from the car's wiring harness.

    In a recent notice posted on the NHTSA website spotted by Lucid Insiders, a summary for the recall says unsecured wires on 2022 Air vehicles could cause the car's displays to turn off. And because the Air's displays contain critical information including speed, range and warning indicators, this would present a hazard in violation of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

    The notice states that the potential number of affected vehicles is 1,117. That means with Lucid having delivered less than 1,000 cars to date, the recall appears to cover all 2022 Air Dream Edition and Grand Touring models. For any potentially affected owners, you can get more info by calling Lucid's customer service at 1-888-995-8243 and mentioning recall number NCR-22-01-0.

    Official notification letters are slated to be sent out on June 20th Meanwhile, for cars that are subject to the recall, the NHTSA says Lucid dealers will be responsible for inspecting vehicles and addressing the issue as needed, free of charge.

    Going forward, Lucid Insiders claims the company has already started making adjustments to the glass canopy on new vehicles to prevent any issues with unsecured wires. However, perhaps the bigger concern is that this recall comes just a few months after Lucid recalled 200 cars for having front strut dampers that may have been improperly installed by a supplier. And with reservations for the Air now exceeding 25,000 cars, ironing out any issues will be hugely important if Lucid hopes to deliver those vehicles in a timely manner.

WordPress phpBB
mChat integration

This procedure assume you installed the wp_w3all WordPress phpBB integration plugin (in linked or not linked users mode) into WordPress, and phpBB mChat into your phpBB. At date of this post, the code as is can be applied by anyone, but this is a raw procedure may easy to be changed by advanced users. Work fine, but to optimize at best for your site, you may have to change something on the little javascript code you’ll add as explained on install steps. You can see the concept and code to apply available here:

WordPress phpBB mChat w3all procedure

See live raw working examples here:

WordPress phpBB mChat integration example

Just a good point to start from, that can be easily improved under any aspect and to fit any needs. Will be upgraded along the time.

phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v3)

v3 version (for cool people) old v2 version is here


Cool people are actually using version 4:

phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v4)


phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v4)

PAGE HELP – JS code – UPDATED on 24 Feb 2019
(related views/page-forum.phpupdated on 3 Gen 2019)


phpBB SEO mods compatible

wp_w3all plugin 1.9.4 >

(READ ALL this page)

wp_w3all responsive iframe procedure v3

After you built/create the WP forum template page via option
WP_w3all phpBB embedded on WordPress Template
on WP_w3all admin config page, and the blank page on WordPress Admin -> Pages -> Add New, titled the same of created wp_w3all template page, so forum or board  etc (then you’ll have into your active WordPress template folder a file named page-forum.php or page-board.php etc), to complete the procedure and get the responsive iframe height for the embedded/iframed phpBB into WordPress template page you need:

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_footer.html

and just before the closing </body> tag, add this code (do not select rows numbers on copied code):

after you pasted this code into phpBB overall_footer.html
edit following lines:

change axew3.com to fit your domain name (example axew3.com)
do NOT add http(s):// OR the point in front nor anything else, just add
yourdomain.com or set it as localhost if on localhost test. If phpBB is at subdomain.domain.com, add domain.com as value
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work
now check the other line to change:

change value
on this line, to point to the URL of the WordPress created/named forum page (do not add final slash and change http or https as needed)

Finally, check this line

in the code you added (last line): this should correctly point to the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file that you’ll go to add into phpBB root folder. You need to use the absolute URL (use http or https as needed, and adjust the url to fit your needs)
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work

AFTER EDITED, save and load the modified overall_footer.html into your phpBB style folder, overwriting the default one, and so

load through ftp on the phpBB root folder (or copy/paste), the file
that is contained inside folder

After this, phpBB require to recompile the template, or modifications to template files not affect (to overall_footer.html in this case). Open phpBB ACP, and so under:

Server Configuration -> Load settings -> Recompile stale style components set to YES and save. Load one time a phpBB full forum page. Leave as is at moment, especially if you follow adding also the code on overall_header.html (more below) to redirect any phpBB direct URL to the iframed WP page: then after tested that all work fine, may return to ACP, and reset to NO and save. This step is needed to load the template modifications on phpBB (and any time you edit a phpBB template file to for modifications take effect), but this option should be ever set to NO into an online/production site to save server resources. It is normally set to yes only for testing/devel purpose or to apply modifications on phpBB templates files.

Notification email links to point to iframe: follow read more below for the pure Javascript solution. Refer to v2 or v1 code for htaccess or js solution editing phpBB notifications files.

The new V3 w3all iframe code do not use anymore htaccess to force redirect as on V1 code, and substantially not rewrite URLs forcing redirect to iframe, but use pure Javascript (reload) code, that as you may imagine, lead to some different result: you’ll not have to edit phpBB notification links on phpBB notification files as on V1 or V2 code, to force users redirect to iframe when they click on notification email link. But in this case, any user except bots, will be redirected (as code is, but it can be easily changed to assume different behaviors, may excluding admins or moderators etc) to the WP iframed page, if the forum accessed via real phpBB url.

To apply same smooth scroll effect as it is on this online example, after finished with this procedure, follow with this steps:

Smooth scroll for phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v3)

If you want phpBB email notification links or any phpBB direct url to be redirected to wp iframed forum page using pure javascript, follow this step:

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_header.html

and just immediately after this code (or by the way, before the closing tag </head>)

add the following code:

On added code, change URL on the line where (line 3):

to fit/point to the WordPress iframed forum page: DO NOT ADD final slash and setup as http or https as needed.

NOTE: if you added the code above into phpBB overall_header.html then you’ll need to remove or comment out this part by the code you added into the overall_footer.html:

Recompile phpBB template and reset to no the option when changes applied

whenever you want: to get the iframe responsive for ACP phpBB admin panel, read this post. My (personal) suggestion is to stop here and try to use the integration leaving ACP out of iframe joke. If by the way you want to follow, before to apply then you’ll have to little change the above code for overall_footer.html and overall_header.html in this way:

on code for overall_footer.html remove this part:

on code for overall_header.html remove this part:

change into:

WP_w3all for WordPress MS MU (Multisite, Multiuser network installations)

Configure WP_w3all on WordPress MS MU

WP_w3all plugin from 2.0.2 – WordPress MU MS  . The plugin can be also network activated, but the linked phpBB on each subsite, need to be the same (same path and same url setting value). If the plugin is network activated, it is mandatory that the sub admin or super admin, setup/configure  into (each) subsite the same config of the main site for the integration plugin. Users that register in phpBB (if you allow this in phpBB) are added as users only into the FIRST WP site (or subsite) where users will login or that they will visits while coming already logged in into phpBB. *But you could use a plugin to add coming phpBB logged users, into each or just few WordPress site/subsites they visits, see more below.

OPEN wp-config.php file:

search for line (value wp_ can be maybe different):

immediately after ADD:

BEWARE that it is NOT possible to link different phpBB installations on same installation network, the integration in this state lead to unpredictable results! … in true it is very predictable what can happen, but really long to explain and too hard for my Eng! In short, it is NOT possible to link a different phpBB into WP network subsites with actual code.
Setup into sub-sites, if the plugin is network activated, same path and url in WP_w3all config, with same values of main site.

*Hint: you could use a plugin to add coming phpBB logged users, into each WordPress they visits, or just to few, and with several different features:  search for Join My Multisite plugin at WordPress plugins directory.

NOTE: WP_w3all phpBB integration plugin when an user is deleted in WordPress (so it become deactivated in phpBB, and then you may go to delete this user in phpBB) also clean up from signup table in WordPress this user. This is necessary for compatibility (as the code is) with the phpBB integration to avoid that another user register with same email into phpBB (if you allow users to register also on phpBB side, and you have may also deleted this user in phpBB) while the user has been deleted in WP, but his email/username still stored into WP database signups table.

How are users identified when you add/transfer existent user
integration of same username/email users

Problem: i have WordPress users and I have phpbb users, they have different usernames but the same email addresses.


user A into phpBB with email C
user B into WP with email C

user A into phpBB come to try to login WP: NOT added can’t login WP side.

If you use the transfer process of WP users into phpBB:

user A Same above.
user B transferred into phpBB, B now can login into both phpBB and WP.
You’ll have two users into phpBB with same email, which is possible as option into phpBB.

You can also merge posts/users into one user in this way:

Change email to the user B in WP.
Login with the phpBB user A into WP, that will be added, as no same email found.
Now delete user B in WP, and retain posts assigning to A.

Result: an unique user, with all his posts on both phpBB and WP.

NOTE: This is just to give an idea on how to resolve common problems about an integration with pre existent users in phpBB that may have same email. But there are several more possibilities: in phpBB ACP there are many options to manage users and posts, and combining these and from the above, you should get the way to resolve any possible scenario.

Based on this topic: How are users identified? (when adding/transfer existent users)


WPD – w3all
WordPress Dropbox integration

WPD w3all WordPress plugin for Dropbox, to display and manage shared Dropbox user’s files into WordPress user’s pages.

Display shared Dropbox files, into WordPress user’s pages.
Choose between Full Dropbox App or Folder App.
Ajax images gallery.
Choose which WP groups can use the Dropbox in WordPress.
Limit files in sharing to retrieve and display in WordPress.
Data cache.
Template embed into any WordPress with an easy how to included.
Users can manage their files within WordPress, delete/create folders, link, unlink files and folders, upload and create/link files and folders.

Any other feature on request.

The Dropbox plugin has been installed also here at axew3.com, and activated for an user named axew3:

Display into WordPress, images from Dropbox, by coping the link of it on WordPress Dropbox user page, and by clicking on WP button
Add Media -> Insert from Url and just paste the URL.

w3tasks dropbox wordpress integration
w3tasks sample logo

Or files just adding pure URL:

Ask for it at https://plugins.w3tasks.com/wp/

If you like to test the user files manager, which is feature available for each user on his own WordPress Dropbox page, please register into this site, or at plugins.w3tasks.com, and send a request by using the contact page.