WordPress phpBB Latest phpBB Topics shortcode by forums IDS

WP_w3all 1.8.8 or >

Vers. 1.0

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WordPress phpBB Latest phpBB Topics shortcode how to

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WordPress phpBB Latest phpBB Topics FOR SPECIFIC FORUMS IDS – shortcode how to

To add a WP_w3all shortcode, and display a list of Latest updated phpBB Topics from specified Forums ID/IDS into a WordPress post/page, the WordPress shortcode to use is like this:

change the topics_number value 5 with the number of Last phpBB topics/posts you need to retrieve and display , AND forums_id value 3,9
based on forum’s ids you like to retrieve posts from. In the above shortcode example it retrieve posts from forums with ID 3 and 9 (substantially, add forum’s IDS separated by comma).
To retrieve posts by a single forum
, just add the single ID
(like on next example).
If you want display Latest Posts with post text, you’ll use the shortcode in this way:

change the text_words value 30 based on how many words you want to display for listed posts. Here we retrieve forum’s posts from an unique  forum with ID 6

About avatars: will use the same settings you choose for avatars in WP_w3all config page.

Note: if you want to add custom style to Last Topics/post shortcode output, the file used by the Last Topics/post shortcode you need to look for, may to add custom modifications in, is: