Shortcode: phpBB PM into WordPress

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WP_w3all phpBB PM into WordPress shortcode version 1.0

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The [w3allphpbbupm] shortcode just display phpBB Private Messages count into a div, which html output result will be by default like this:

To display this way, you’ll just add the shortcode as is: [w3allphpbbupm]

To change attributes class name, id or to get a element link with target _blank or to add inline style to the div element, arguments that are possible to pass are:

'w3pm_class' => 'w3pm_class',
'w3pm_id' => 'w3pm_id',
'w3pm_inline_style' => '',
'w3pm_href_blank' => ''

w3pm_class and w3pm_id are setup by default with same name as value for the id and class div’s element attributes if not passed as arguments, others two w3pm_inline_style and w3pm_href_blank simply not affect if not passed.

To get target="_blank" , pass as on example the w3pm_href_blank="1" argument

WP_w3all overall_footer.html for iframe JS/Ajax: PM on address bar and right click/copy links


follow the new iframe v3 template procedure


Since 1.7.2, follow iframeĀ  instructions installation:

Embed phpBB into WordPress template:iframe responsive how to