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  • Issue: Conflict with Printful Plug In

    Hello everyone.

    I just build my website to run a business, and one of my products line is to sell printed images on physical product such as cloths, i'm doing this with help of Printful, I upload my images to they website and list my product on my website with the Printful and Woocommerce plugins.

    however, I did the install with help of install guide, I successfully installed the WP_w3all plugin and work as charm, but I disabled it for major issue.

    the issue is after I installed and setup WP_w3all plugin, I can't synchronize my products from Printful to Woocommerce in my website.

    is there way to solve this issue?


    Statistics: Posted by EinMM — Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:22 pm — Replies 3 — Views 118

  • Are you looking for WordPress Contact Form Plugin?


    Are you looking for best wordpress contact form plugin? So, please visit our website check the plugin which is create automatically contact form.

    Here is the plugin links


    Statistics: Posted by ThomasArnold — Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:44 am — Replies 1 — Views 98

  • How to run phpBB behind payment wall in Wordpress?


    I have a certain solution in mind where I am able to run a membership site on Wordpress using one of many popular plugins, and also get the phpBB-board behind the paywall. I have recently been running the bbPress-plugin for WP, but it's just not cutting it. The functionality is severely limited as a community board.

    My thought is the following:

    1. Install Wordpress on the main domain
    2. Install phpBB on subdomain forum.domain.tld
    3. Install WP-plugin WP w3all phpBB to sync users and data
    4. Use your plugin to display the forum as iFrame on the page domain.tld/forum/
    5. domain.tld/forum/ is protected by membership status

    Now the question is: how can I stop people from accessing the forum directly through forum.domain.tld, but still make it visible on domain.tld/forum/?

    Some more questions:

    1. About moderators: If I make some users moderators in phpBB, will they automatically become editors in Wordpress?
    2. What if I only want all users to be subscribers, and only myself to me administrator in Wordpress?
    3. Using a membership plugin, it is possible to add users to different user types in Wordpress depending on the type of membership they choose. Is it possible to sync these groups to user groups of my own choosing in phpBB? So different types of membership will give you different permissions in phpBB?

    Thank you for this amazing plugin and support!

    Statistics: Posted by tasan — Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:22 am — Replies 1 — Views 72

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  • TCL's 2019 quantum dot-enhanced 4K TVs go on sale starting at $599

    Over the last few years TCL has developed a reputation for releasing high-quality, low-price 4K TVs, with Roku's smart TV platform built-in as well as support for Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos audio. Its 2018 lineup garnered awards and recommendations f...

  • Google to invest record-breaking amount in renewable energy

    Google today announced its intention to spend more than $2 billion in new renewable energy infrastructure across the US, South America and Europe. The 1,600-megawatt package of wind and solar agreements includes 18 new energy deals and will increase...

  • You can finally hide replies to your tweets -- at least for now

    You can now hide all those obnoxious trolls and reply guys on Twitter. The social media platform today announced a test of its controversial "hide replies" feature in the US and Japan. Rather than deleting offensive or unwanted replies forever, the n...

  • Airbnb plans to go public in 2020

    Airbnb has put to rest speculation about the timing of its IPO. The vacation rental company today took the rare step of announcing in a press release that it plans to go public next year, in 2020. The startup, which first launched in 2008, has grown...

  • French court rules Steam games must be able to be resold

    In a court decision that could fundamentally change how Steam operates, European Union consumers have won the right to resell their Steam titles through Valve's digital marketplace. French website Next Inpact reports the Paris Court of First Instance...