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  • How to jump to #unread anchor - phpBB iframe js code

    The unique things that 'intentionally' do not will match with default behavior, because it has been intentionally changed to be this way, is the fact that if an user is not logged in and present a link like this:



    the code do not redirect the user to the login page, but to the last post on topic.

    Resuming all the procedure, that at moment will not be added into v6 code by default, but that work fine, is as follow:

    on the js overall_header.html added code, just after
    ADD this:


     if(/view=unread#unread/ig.exec(window.location.href) !== null && /viewtopic.php\?/ig.exec(window.location.href) !== null) {   var w3allUnreadTopic = 1; } 

    then change/replace this line:
    into this:


      if(typeof w3allUnreadTopic == 'undefined'){     document.location.replace(href0);    }


    Now open overall_footer.html
    on added js code, just after this comment:


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// w3all UPDATES for phpBB events

    add the follow:


    if(window.self == window.top){ if(typeof w3allUnreadTopic != 'undefined'){  $( "body" ).prepend( "<div class=\"preUnreadRedirectBG\"></div>" ); $(".preUnreadRedirectBG").css({"position":"fixed","color": "red","top":"0%","bottom":"0%","left":"0%","right":"0%","background": "rgba(0,0,0,1)","z-index": "99999","width":"100%"}) var hash = window.location.hash.substr(1);   if( hash == 'unread'){    if("{S_USER_LOGGED_IN}" < 1){  var usp = window.location.href;  w3ns = usp.split('&e=1');  document.location.replace(w3ns[0]);  }  if("{S_USER_LOGGED_IN}" > 0){   var w3postN = 1000000;  var w3lh,w3ns,w3nsLowN; $( ".unreadpost" ).each(function (e) {   var hpid = $(this).attr('id');  w3ns = hpid.split('p');   if(  w3ns[1] != 'undefined' ){   if(w3ns[1] < w3postN){ // reset to the lower if found   w3lh = w3postN = w3ns[1]; // set to actual   w3nsLowN = w3ns[1];   w3Rhash = "p" + w3nsLowN;  } } }) // https://localhost-subdomain.w3host.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?p=138#p138   if( typeof w3ns != 'undefined' && typeof w3Rhash != 'undefined' ){       var redirToUnread = boardU + 'viewtopic.php?p=' + w3lh + '#' + w3Rhash;   document.location.replace(redirToUnread);   } else {    var postN = 1;     $( "h3 > a" ).each(function (e) { // need to match on DOM!       ns = this.href.split('#p');       if( typeof ns != 'undefined' && /viewtopic.php\?p=/ig.exec(this.href) != null ){      if(ns[1] > postN && typeof w3lh == 'undefined'){      w3lh = ns[1];     }    }     })     if( typeof w3lh != 'undefined' ){      var w3redirToLast = boardU + 'viewtopic.php?p=' + w3lh + '#p' + w3lh;       if(/adm\/index\.php/ig.exec(w3all_r) == null){         document.location.replace(w3redirToLast);       }      }     }        } // ENDif("{S_USER_LOGGED_IN}" > 0){         } }} // END if(window.self == window.top){


    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:02 am — Replies 0 — Views 1

  • page-forum - Preloader loop

    It has been reported a loop for preloader on iframe in various scenarios.
    It is not a loop, it is the preloader that is not removed, after the page has been completely loaded.
    A jQuery instruction is deprecated, and no longer used on jQuery.

    This in attach fix:
    preloader that is not correctly removed, iframe problem when in not linked users mode, and more.

    It will be substantially the new page-forum.php available and suitable for next v6 iframe code, that run ok also into v5 code.

    To resolve and fix these and more issues at once, remove the old page-forum and replace with the new one, renaming it as required and substituting into your active template folder.

    Statistics: Posted by axew3 — Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:45 am — Replies 0 — Views 26

  • Another Loop for preloader

    Hello Admin! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    My website has been working fantastic for a good while now as I have been slowly building it by myself (no other users on the website), otherwise not advertised or open to public really yet, and it has worked flawless thus far.

    My server company decided my machine needed upgraded and I was notified minutes before it happened and they assured me they had CURRENT backups. Long story short, they used a backup that was 2 weeks old. Since that happened it caused major issues when I was attempting to fix everything on the website. I have 99% of the kinks worked out except for the Loop that I never had ever before.

    Steps taken to try and fix the Loop:

    Verified a new SSL for my website
    Made sure SSL was forced on my website
    Double checked to make sure phpBB was using SSL features
    Cookie secore was enabled
    I renamed my cookie
    cleared phpBB cache
    Purged sessions
    Cleared browser cookies and cache and history

    Went and ground some coffee beans and enjoyed a delicious brew while giving it some time to get happy once again!

    website details:

    phpbb is in a folder called /forums
    wordpress is root paparayphotography.com
    cookie is .paparayphotography
    path is /

    Now If I visit my website paparayphotography.com and login and visit the ACP of phpBB I am ok. but when coming out of the ACP I get stuck in a loop. If I manage to be able to click a link at the top of my website in between loop screens I can get out of the loop and manage to get back to wordpress and I am still logged in properly.

    Please note: This is random!

    Sometimes If I clear cookies and cache and wait a few minutes and visit my website as a guest and visit the forums, I get stuck in a loop. Once again, this is Random as well.

    I do not believe this to be anything related to 2.3.9. I think something might have been set askew in my database maybe when I had to go about fixing things and maybe I am 1 little setting off? I am not really sure at all at this point. I have been trying for 2 weeks to fix so I can upgrade to 2.4.0. I do not want to upgrade a looping website.

    Any help at all would be graciously accepted. If so, let me know if you need a test account and if so what level user.

    Thanks and have a fantastic day!


    Statistics: Posted by DjPorkchop73 — Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:53 pm — Replies 6 — Views 55

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