Configure phpBB
to set cookie available all over domain

To force the reset of the plugin cookie setting in WordPress, follow steps more below on this page.

To configure phpBB to set cookie to be available all over domain (and subdomains), you need to setup cookie domain and path into phpBB ACP in this way:

Open phpBB Admin Control Panel, go under

Server configuration -> Cookie settings
Cookie domain value should be set like the domain name is, more the dot in front: so if your site domain is as in this example,, the correct value to set is: (in this way cookies become available all over and any subdomain like
the dot is needed to get it work fine also in old browsers.
Cookie path setting should be set as a single fraction slash: /
Save settings.
If changed cookie setting in phpBB in this way, logout, CLEAN cookies from browser, and re-login.

NOTE: if phpBB is installed on subdomain, you’ll have for cookie in phpBB something like: As above, change this into

Logout, CLEAN cookies from browser, and re-login. OR, correct setting will be: (while if you are on a subdomain hosting plan like, than the setting will be, but this is a more rare case)

# Force the reset of the plugin cookie setting

If still in trouble with cookie setting (you can’t login with user via WP login after path to config.php has been setup) follow this step:

just in case, this is the way to fix any problem:

open file wp_w3all.php and +- on top you’ll see these lines:

change the second line, removing the two // in front, so the above become something like (change with your domain name)

if on localhost, setup as ‘localhost’
save/overwrite the wp_w3all.php file, then test the login. If all ok, then the cookie setting for the plugin is ok now. Re-add the two // slashes in front of the edited line on wp_w3all.php to deactivate it (or remove the line), and save/overwrite the file wp_w3all.php.

Hint/memo: if an user login via phpBB and the cookie setting setup in phpBB ACP is to release the cookie to be valid over all the domain (as above explained), then also if the cookie setting of the plugin is wrong, the user will be correctly auto logged in WordPress when will visits WP side as logged phpBB user, because a valid phpBB cookie to check against will be found.

That’s all here!

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