w3all WP heartbeat phpbb lastopics

check all shortcodes listed under the “common how to” section

Require the WP phpBB integration plugin version 2.8.3 or >

Params: only topics_number. ** Read below

[w3allastopics topics_number="5"]

Refer to the inline shortcode hints on the plugin admin page – HeartBeat Last Topics Shortcode.

Note this (as mentioned into the inline hints):

the value of the Option number of topics/posts, when the heartbeat option is active, is used for all the w3allastopics heartbeat shortcodes instances, to update the content with this number of posts. So all heartbeat w3allastopics widgets on pages, will display the same number of topics/posts that’s set here (or 5 by default if empty) when an heartbeat occur

** It is possible to initialize the shortcode calling it with the param topics_number (for example) topics_number=”5″ but when the heartbeat will occur, the number of topics/posts displayed and updated will be the value of the Number of topics/posts option. So maybe, you should initialize all these shortcodes affected by the heartbeat update (the shortcodes that will fires on pages that you have set into the related option, and that so goes to update the shortcodes content into those pages, when the heartbeat occur), with the same number of topics of the related heartbeat shortcode number of topics/posts option.

If you initialize into a page/post the shortcode like this:

[w3allastopics topics_number="5"]

when WordPress load, the showed last topics number on the widget will be 5. But when the heartbeat will fire, if the option Number of topics/posts is (suppose) set to 3, then the content of the rendered widget will be updated with the last 3 posts (not 5).

*Note for Pages option setting value (page or pages separated by comma, where the heartbeat will be activated): if using Plain permalinks, for example, the page name to set for a post would be p=45 or if it is a page, page_id=12

Note that the activation of the WordPress heartbeat maybe impact (how much it depend by several factors) the server traffic. Anyway, if the WP installation that you run, already provide some feature that’s using the native WordPress heartbeat there will be no server’s traffic increase by activating the w3all heartbeat for the w3allastopics shortcode.