phpBB WordPress - phpBB integration extension. The integration unchained

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phpBB WordPress - phpBB integration extension. The integration unchained

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Here we go lovely and cool people.

This is the phpBB WordPress Integration Common Tasks extension.

Any kind of features will be added to it along the time.
Fast and light. Can be used also as standalone.

At this first stage/release, it will accomplish easily with this:

when an user update his email in phpBB profile, password or site url in phpBB ucp or acp, the same will happen into the linked WordPress, for the WordPress user with same email.

How to use/configure it?

Copy the folder w3all with inside the extension phpbbwordpressintegration into the phpBB ext folder, so you'll have:

Open file:
add WordPress db connection values of the WordPress database you want linked with phpBB.
Save the file.

Activate the extension.

Now, when an user or an admin, will go to change/update email or password or profile url in phpBB, the same, for the same user with same email, will happen into WordPress. This, as can be argued, change all about integration. Users can now again register (actually this code do not add the user immediately into wp when register into phpBB, it will be added on next coming soon 1.0.1) login and update profile email and password, both in phpBB or WP at same time, and without leaving the wordpress admin with obscure situations about users, if the integration let users register/update into phpBB (so that user's info aren't updated into WP until the same user do not visits as logged, or login, into WordPress).
This aspect is now completely surpassed, we move to the next step.

This is the first version, the next coming very soon, will add the capability/options to add the user into wordpress as soon the user register in phpBB (without any redirect to wordpress) or will add only when the user will activate his phpBB account. It will add add also the autologin when user confirm. Activation/deactivation at same time. User's deletion, and much more (all what it is possible to imagine).

The phpBB WordPress extension, will allow to simplify again and much more, the WP_w3all plugin and move to unexpected and awesome integrations results. Fast and Easy integrations of any kind.

An admin will not have to care about nothing. Users will be ever correctly linked and managed behind the scene, with easy.

Are you ready to unchain phpBB WordPress integration? Here we go!
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