WordPress Shortcode: last phpBB topics/posts into WP post

WP_w3all 1.7.5 or >

Vers. 1.0

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WordPress phpBB Latest phpBB Topics shortcode how to

To add a WP_w3all shortcode, and display a list of Latest updated phpBB Topics into a WordPress post/page, the WordPress shortcode to use is like this:

change the topics_number value 5 with the number of Last phpBB topics/posts you need to retrieve and display.

To display with post text, use the shortcode in this way:

change the text_words value 30 based on how many words you want to display for listed posts.

This feature will use the same settings you have choose for avatars in WP_w3all config page.

Note: in case you want to add custom style the output of Last Topics/post shortcode, the file used by the Last Topics/post shortcode you need to look for, may to add custom modifications is:


that is not the same used to output phpBB Last Topics on widgets, which is instead the file phpbb_last_topics.php¬† (as you’ll see on same folder).

How to activate shortcode into WordPress Posts Replies or Widgets or even Excerpt?

About the above, consider the fact that if shortcode is activated in this way on comments, the shortcode (any, not only the WP_w3all shortcode) can be used by any commenting user on comments, if a plugin not provide explicitly the feature to disable on comments the shortcode for all users except specifics groups.

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