WordPress phpBB integration without linking users

NOTE: from 1.9.4 > this feature become option on plugin admin page, so may it is needed only if updating from old plugin versions: just update the plugin, and repeat this procedure for the last time, then login plugin admin and setup the new option

Activate integration without linking users between WordPress and phpBB

as YES. From now on it will not be necessary to edit the wp_w3all.php file each time plugin update, to set it up the integration as Not Linked Users.

It is possible to use the plugin without linking users between WordPress and phpBB. You can display Last Topics Widgets and Shortcodes to display phpBB Last Posts or Posts content into WordPress Pages/Posts. It is also possible to use the iframed WP page, to display the phpBB forum into a WordPress page (also cross domain*). Without linking users, you may can integrate also a version of phpBB prior (<) of phpBB 3.1 to display phpBB Last Topics Widgets/Shortcodes or phpBB Posts Shorcodes into WordPress. Avatars options are available from 1.9.4 >.

You could use the plugin in this way just to transfer/migrate users between phpBB and WordPress or viceversa.

To install WP_w3all integration without linking users, follow these steps:
Install the plugin

open with text editor the file:
+- on top of the file, search for this line

if on 1.9.4 > and updating you’ll find this instead:

change into

save/replace the edited wp_w3all.php file into plugin folder.

Now it is necessary to activate the plugin: setup the Path and URL setting following instructions into WP admin -> Settings -> WP_w3all config page. You do not need to follow any other further instruction about cookie setup and/or phpBB ACP settings in this case. So after plugin has been activated, by setting Path to a valid phpBB config.php file and URL setting, you can use Widgets Last Topics Posts and use Shortcodes into WP pages and posts, to display phpBB contents or to use the users transfers options in this state. The URL setting if the plugin is merely used to transfer users, is not needed. Just setup the path to a valid phpBB config.php file.

Hint Note*: without linking users between phpBB and WordPress, it is also possible to use the plugin for cross domains installations (not only domain and subdomain). Just create a valid custom phpBB config.php file, as suggested into Wp admin -> WP_w3all config page, and use it.

NOTE: from 1.9.4 this feature has become option, so if updating from old plugin versions, just update the plugin, and repeat the above predure last time: then login plugin admin and setup the new option

Activate integration without linking users between WordPress and phpBB

You can update the plugin without editing the wp_w3all.php file anymore from now on.

5 thoughts on “WordPress phpBB integration without linking users”

  1. Hello,

    thank you for sharing this mod.

    Did I understand it correctly that the unlinked user installation have all main features of the plugin, so that I can transfer after it the users, they can log in in both phpbb and wordpress – if the user change the password or mail adress – will this synced between the both systems? Last topics can I use in wordpross.
    But I have to set a path to a config.php with credentials of phpBB and the users can’t use an single sign on – right?

    I use phpBB 3.0 for some reasons and the latest wordpress. So that should no problem, correctly?

    Thank you for your help 🙂

    Greats Thomas

  2. substantially the line
    <script type="text/javascript" src="".plugins_url()."/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons/resizer/iframeResizer.min.js\">

    on top seem to be missed
    but move this discussion to forum please, all the above will be removed soon.

    1. EDITED Some of this discussion replies have been removed.
      I’ve follow looking on code for some other reason and i remembered this issue and i think you experienced the problem just because:
      you didn’t setup/build forum page on plugin admin, that is a mandatory step as explained on iframe procedure. Even if you add manually the page forum into your WP template folder, you need to create/setup the name you assign to this page into the setting on plugin admin page, OR the code will not fire the necessary function that add the resizer library on header. That i assume was the problem in this case. Cheers.

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