w3all heartbeat phpbb lastopics

Require the WP phpBB integration version 2.8.3 > and the phpBB WordPress Integration Common Tasks extension installed into phpBB.

Max 12 topics/posts: the shortcode param ‘topics_number’ can only re-define for each shortcode, a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 12 topics/posts to be displayed.

All retrieved posts/topics into this shortcode, are retrieved as Guests phpBB users group. So that if you are a privileged user belonging to a special group that can view posts into a privileged forum, you cannot expect to see updated into this widget those posts/topics.


Switch WP user to specified Group in phpBB, when Role updated in WordPress and vice versa

WP_w3all phpBB integration 2.6.8> option

Read all the follow before to activate the option

Basic default WP Roles and phpBB groups switches will work as follow by default, if no custom file provided:

When an admin in WordPress update an user Role, or Role change due to user’s subscriptions:

Editor in WP or Woocommerce Shop Manager, will be added into the Global Moderator group as primary group in phpBB, the previous primary user’s group membership will be removed.
Author, Contributor or Subscriber or Woocommerce customer, will be added into the Registered group in phpBB, the previous primary group membership will be removed.
Administrator in WP will be set as Administrator in phpBB (not with all founder’s powers), the previous primary user’s group membership will be removed. The User with No role in WP will be deactivated in phpBB.

When an user change/update group in phpBB:

If belong as default group to the Registered phpBB group, will be updated in WP to Subscriber and the previous primary Role removed.

If belong as default group to the Global Moderators phpBB group, will updated in WP to Editor and the previous primary Role removed.

Administrators in this case are not considered by default. But you can activate the code about, into

the file wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/common/wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php . It contain the code that can be customized as more like to get complex WP Roles and phpBB Groups switches. It already contain basic code example and basic hints. Advanced wp coders will find out that’s quite easy to write owns code snippets and achieve any kind of complex Roles/Groups switches.

How i can customize the file wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php expecting that when the integration plugin will update, modifications done into this file aren’t lost?

Create a folder (if you did not it already, activating the custom /views files option) named wp-w3all-custom inside the folder /wp-content/plugins/ so you’ll have /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-custom/

copy the file /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/common/wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php

and paste it inside the created folder, so you’ll have /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-custom/wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php

Custom files inside this folder, are not overwritten when the plugin will be updated (like all the custom views files).

Note that the option Use custom files to display Last Topics Widgets, Login Widget and Shortcodes do not affect this. If the custom file /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-custom/wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php exist, it will be included, even if the Use custom files to display Last Topics Widgets, Login Widget and Shortcodes option is set to No.

Advanced and common hints

Where the wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php file is included?

About an Admin that update an user role (the update will be synchronous)

Open: /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php

search for:


public static function phpbb_update_profile($user_id, $old_user_data) {

About a current WP logged in user updates (the update will be asynchronous)

an user that changed Group in phpBB side** and that so will be updated to the related WP Role when as logged in will visit WordPress, search for:

into /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php

inside the function verify_phpbb_credentials()

About Memberpress or others external memberships plugins:

Remember: this is a WP plugin, it run ONLY in WP side! So it has been defined synchronous the Role update when done in WP side updating an user profile. In this case the update occur at same time in phpBB. It is asynchronous when the WP role change due to some other reason, for example due to some Role update that fire on the background, after a subscribed membership or something else, but the affected user is not currently logged in into WordPress.

It is also asynchronous if the user change profile’s data in phpBB, because until the same user will not visit the WP side as logged, no code will run to update his Role in WP.

Read more inline hints into the file wpRoles_phpbbGroups.php

Could be all synchronous? Yes, the result can be achieved in several ways, for any configuration or/and plugin/extension installed.

A One Way (WP to phpBB only) explained example is here (read all answers):


Shortcode: phpBB notifications into WordPress

WP_w3all phpBB WordPress 2.6.6 >

WP_w3all phpBB notifications into WordPress shortcode version 1.0

check all others shortcodes listed under the “common how” to section

The w3all_phpbb_unotifications shortcode display *phpBB notifications like phpBB do. The file that can be styled as more like and that display results is:


Add the attribute class for ul and li elements, using shortcode attributes ul_phpbb_unotifications_class="myclass" and li_phpbb_unotifications_class="myotherclass"

*Note that to get resultsthe phpBB user have to setup/activate into his User Control Panel, under Board preferences Tab -> Edit notification options option, the notifications types he want to see.

Note also that once a phpBB user visit the

Board index -> User Control Panel -> Overview -> Manage notifications

page, the $phpbb_user_session[0]->user_new_privmsg var become 0. So PMs notifications are not retrieved anymore for the user (until there is not a new PM).

The file /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/views/wp_w3all_phpbb_unotifications_short.php can be copied into the folder /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-custom/ and activating the option Use custom files to display Last Topics Widgets, Login Widget and Shortcodes so that custom modifications done into the file aren’t overwritten when the plugin will be updated.

All default phpBB (3.3>) notifications types that can be expected will be retrieved:

Since 2.6.9 > added option:
Only get the total notifications count, of any type, default phpBB and customs types created by extensions

If selected, then just use echo $w3all_phpbb_unotifications; in this case, to display the number of unread notifications, declaring it as global, into any Php template or (maybe) some other plugin.

The (awesome) iframe template integration using shortcode

WordPress phpBB template integration

check all others shortcodes listed under the “common how to” section

NOTE that required settings of this shortcode resides under the WP_w3all Preferences menu

To use the w3allphpbbiframe shortcode it is required to apply into the phpBB template files overall_header.html and overall_footer.html the same javascript code and procedure as it is for the page-forum, and the result will be a full template integration that can be applied into any WP theme:

phpBB WordPress template integration iframe

NOTE that it is Mandatoryto set the WP page-names where the shortcode will be added, into the related shortcode option field, into the integration plugin admin page, or the shortcode will not fire!

then use like this:

wp_page_name param refer to the page/post name/slug where the shortcode will be added (see hint below about this param if omitted*)

wp_page_iframe_top_gap param refer to (in pixel) the position where the WP parent page will scroll to by default. If omitted value will be 0

url_push (since 2.5.9>) param if omitted is set to YES, that mean when links are clicked into the phpBB iframed, the URL will be pushed into the browser’s address bar. If you want to avoid this behavior, use/add this param like this into the shortcode: url_push="no"

note that the URL push is ever avoided when the shortcode is used into the homepage and should in several more conditions. In short words, in all these situations where, when if the URL is pushed into the parent address bar, it cause/lead to a WordPress page NOT found, in the case there is an intentionally browser’s page reload (because the pushed URL is an URL that WP will not found)

phpbb_default_url (since 2.5.7>) param (that can be omitted) refer to any phpBB URL where the iframe will be opened by default, so the above become something like this, if for example we want to display into a WP post the phpBB, that should open by default into a precise forum topic/post/page:

but it can be any other phpBB link like the ucp page used into another etc

it is possible to use multiple shortcode(s) into different contests/pages/posts

Again: NOTE that it is Mandatoryto set the WP page-names where the shortcode will be added, into the related shortcode option field, on the integration plugin admin page, or the shortcode will not fire!See Option:

The (awesome) iframe template integration using shortcode

security_token (since 2.5.9>) param (that can be omitted) refer to a secret token that can be used to restrict the use of the iframe shortcode only to certain users, when there are more roles allowed to create posts or pages. If this option is set (not empty) the shortcode will be parsed only when the token exist and will match. To add the security secret token into the iframe shortcodes, add it like this:


assuming that into related option field on plugin admin, MySecretToken is the token that had set

scroll_default (since 2.6.0>) param if omitted is set to YES by default. To avoid the page scroll behavior set it to no:


To edit some css/html output or something else if required, relevant files to look into are:



*Note wp_page_name: if using Plain permalinks, for example the page name for a post would be p=45 or if it is a page page_id=12

*Note also that the shortcode param wp_page_namecan be omitted if you created page-forum using the (other way) page-forum available iframe template integration: so that the loaded URL into the browser’s address bar when links clicked into iframe, will be the one set into the overall_header.html and overall_footer.html js added code (that so may point to another post or page where another shortcode has been added, or to the default page-forum if created using related option on plugin admin)

Note important: if the iframe do not display and you get mixed insecure content on console, you have to fix it doing this:

open your WP header.php template file, and may just after others header meta tags add the follow:

That’s all here, follow instructions into the plugin admin page where there is iframe template integration using shortcode related option. Enjoy!

One applied right here on the post (below), but also see another simple example here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/board/

Advanced hint: this shortcode with little modifications could be easily used to display any iframed page, also cross domain.

Here it has been added the iframe using the shortcode with param phpbb_default_url set to open a specified phpBB post and with scroll_default set to no (since 2.6.0>)

[w3allphpbbiframe url_push=”no” phpbb_default_url=”https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?t=774″ wp_page_name=”the-awesome-iframe-template-integration-using-shortcode” scroll_default=”no”]

phpBB WordPress template integration (iframe v4)

v4 version (for cool people)

FROM 2.1.1 USE V5 code: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2020/01/phpbb-wordpress-template-integration-iframe-v5/

OLD CODE: cool people moved to V5

FROM 2.1.1 USE V5 code: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2020/01/phpbb-wordpress-template-integration-iframe-v5/

SINCE 2.1.1 the following code, even if still working with his related page-forum (linked below) into any plugin version, is now obsolete.

PAGE HELP – JS code – UPDATED on 15 Gen 2020
(related addons/page-forum.phpupdated on 14 Gen 2020)


wp_w3all plugin 1.9.9 until 2.1.0

phpBB SEO mods compatible – (READ ALL this page)

wp_w3all responsive iframe procedure

WordPress phpBB iframe template integration

MEMO: to update to latest v4 code, you’ll need to rebuild page-forum.php (or whatever you named it) via plugin admin, OR manually substitute it into your active WP template folder, with the new one that you find/copy into /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons. You’ll need to update also the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file you added into phpBB root, with the new one you find into /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons/resizer folder. Done this, substitute the phpBB overall_header.html and overall_footer.html code (re-adding needed values) with the new v4 code here below. Do not forget to rebuild phpBB template to make phpBB template modifications take effect.

 Domain/subdomains installations it’s REQUIRED to read this: How to Domain/subdomain iframe template integration

WP_w3all template integration steps

After you built/create the WP forum template page via option
WP_w3all phpBB embedded on WordPress Template
on WP_w3all admin config page, and the blank page on WordPress Admin -> Pages -> Add New, titled the same of created wp_w3all template page, so forum or board  etc (then you’ll have into your active WordPress template folder a file named page-forum.php or page-board.php etc), to complete the procedure and get the responsive iframe height for the embedded/iframed phpBB into WordPress template page you need:

overall_footer.html code

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_footer.html

and just before the closing </body> tag, add this code (do not select rows numbers on copied code):

after you pasted this code into phpBB overall_footer.html
edit following lines:

change localhost to fit your domain name (example axew3.com)
do NOT add http(s):// OR the point in front nor anything else, just add
yourdomain.com or set it as localhost if on localhost test. If phpBB is at subdomain.domain.com, add domain.com as value
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work
now check the other line to change:

change value
on this line, to point to the URL of the WordPress created/named forum page (do not add final slash and change http or https as needed)

Finally, check this line

in the code you added (last line): this should correctly point to the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file that you’ll go to add into phpBB root folder. You need to use the absolute URL (use http or https as needed, and adjust the url to fit your needs)
(MANDATORY!) or resizer won’t work

AFTER EDITED, save and load the modified overall_footer.html into your phpBB style folder, overwriting the default one, and so

load through ftp on the phpBB root folder (or copy/paste), the file
that is contained inside folder

After this, phpBB require to recompile the template, or modifications to template files not affect (to overall_footer.html in this case). Open phpBB ACP, and so under:

Server Configuration -> Load settings -> Recompile stale style components set to YES and save. Load one time a phpBB full forum page. Leave as is at moment, especially if you follow adding also the code on overall_header.html (more below) to redirect any phpBB direct URL to the iframed WP page: then after tested that all work fine, return to ACP, and reset to NO and save. This step is needed to load the template modifications on phpBB (and any time you edit a phpBB template file to for modifications take effect), but this option should be ever set to NO into an online/production site to save server resources. It is normally set to yes only for testing/devel purpose or to apply modifications on phpBB templates files.

overall_header.html code

The new V4 w3all iframe code do not use anymore htaccess to force redirects, but use pure Javascript (reload) code, that as you may imagine, lead to some different result: you’ll not have to edit phpBB notification links on phpBB notification files as on V1 or V2 code, to force users redirect to iframe when they click (for example) on notification email link or some other forum’s link. But in this case, any user except bots, will be redirected (as code is, but it can be easily changed to assume different behaviors, may excluding admins or moderators etc) to the WP iframed page, if the forum accessed via real phpBB url.

If you want phpBB email notification links or any phpBB direct url to be redirected to the wp iframed forum page follow this step:

Open with a text editor your phpBB template file overall_header.html

and just immediately after this code (or by the way, just before the closing tag </head>)

add the following code:

On added code, change URL on the line where (line 3):

to fit/point to the WordPress iframed forum page: DO NOT ADD final slash and setup as http or https as needed.

All working!?

Reset to No the Recompile phpBB template option, here we go!

NOTE: if you added the code above into phpBB overall_header.html then you’ll never activate (it is not active by default) this part of the code you added into the overall_footer.html:

P.s – whenever you want: to get the iframe responsive for ACP phpBB admin panel, read this post. My (personal) suggestion is to stop here and try to use the integration leaving ACP out of iframe joke. If by the way you want to follow, before to apply then you’ll have to little change the above code for overall_footer.html and overall_header.html in this way:

on code for overall_footer.html remove this part:

on code for overall_header.html remove this part:

change into:

* For domain/subdomain installations
How to Domain/subdomain iframe template integration

Refer to v2 or v1 code for htaccess old solution editing phpBB notifications files.

Shortcode: phpBB PM into WordPress

WP_w3all phpBB WordPress 1.9.9 >

WP_w3all phpBB PM into WordPress shortcode version 1.0

check all others shortcodes listed under the “common how” to section

The [w3allphpbbupm] shortcode just display phpBB Private Messages count into a div, which html output result will be by default like this:

<div id="w3pm_id" class="w3pm_class"><a href="https://localhost/wp51/phpBB3/ucp.php?i=pm&folder=inbox">You have 1 unread forum PM</a></div>

To display this way, you’ll add the shortcode as is: [w3allphpbbupm]

To change attributes class name, id or to get a element link with target _blank or to add inline style to the div element, arguments that are possible to pass are:

'w3pm_class' => 'w3pm_class',
'w3pm_id' => 'w3pm_id',
'w3pm_inline_style' => '',
'w3pm_href_blank' => ''

[w3allphpbbupm w3pm_class="myclass" w3pm_id="myid" w3pm_inline_style="padding:10px;border:1px solid grey;" w3pm_href_blank="1"]

w3pm_class and w3pm_id are setup by default with same name as value for the id and class div’s element attributes if not passed as arguments, others two w3pm_inline_style and w3pm_href_blank simply not affect if not passed.

To get target="_blank" , pass as on example the w3pm_href_blank="1" argument

[w3allfeed] RSS raw examples

How to use w3allfeed shortcode

These examples show raw results (scroll down to see RSS from external resource) of the w3allfeed shortcode used like this, with little style applied to li elements:

that grab last 3 forums news within this same domain forum:

Latest 3 news from axew3.com forums

  • phpBB WordPress extension 2.0.3 has been released

    The phpBB WordPress integration extension v2
    version 2.0.3 has been released: viewtopic.php?t=1783

    Posted by axew3 — Wed Apr 03, 2024 10:48 pm — Replies 0 — Views 21

  • 2.8.3 logs

    Fix the fact, that when the login is done on frontend pages, sometime and some plugin, the user seem to be not logged in even if the session has been released.

    To patch this issue, on plugins like Ultimate Members (that answer/display that the password is wrong and login failed, even if the authentication was good) the simple following code has been added into the file
    private static function phpBB_user_session_set($wp_user_data){


       if ( !defined( 'WP_ADMIN' ) ){    header("Refresh:0"); exit;   }
    just after the last function line of code


       define("W3ALL_SESSION_ARELEASED", true);

    Posted by axew3 — Wed Mar 27, 2024 7:52 pm — Replies 7 — Views 183

  • Ultimate Members Avatars/Login tips & tricks


    Note that doing a login using the front end Ultimate Member plugin Login Page, you'll be redirected to the same page that maybe will display the error message: Password is incorrect. Please try again. (or another one if you reload the page), despite the user is actually logged in.
    So to check that the user is correctly logged in, you can move to another wp page (maybe the user's account page) and see that it is (user logged in). A proper redirect would solve the issue, or i will maybe i will take a look on how to fix this issue asap.
    Fixed on 2.8.3


    Ultimate Member use his own way to fire the WP get_avatar filter on file
    line 45


    add_filter( 'get_avatar', 'um_get_avatar', 99999, 5 );
    in fact, if you comment out the line like this:


    #add_filter( 'get_avatar', 'um_get_avatar', 99999, 5 );
    you'll see that the avatar will display, also on UM profile, the correct result (in this example an uploaded image as avatar in phpBB).
    Actually i've try to move the integration plugin get_avatar filter call, after the UM call, so to avoid the user's url avatar overwrite.
    Fixed on 2.8.3


    Posted by axew3 — Tue Mar 26, 2024 10:13 pm — Replies 0 — Views 96

News from engadget.com

Latest 5 news from – engadget.com/rss.xml – target _blank – inline styled, used like this:

  • Microsoft's Windows 11 beta testers may start seeing ads in the Start menu

    Microsoft is exploring the idea of putting ads in your Windows 11 Start menu. To be specific, it's looking to place advertisements for apps you can find in the Microsoft Store in the menu's recommended section. I could hear you sighing in defeat if you've used Windows 10 extensively before — the older OS serves ads in the Start menu, as well, and they're also for apps you can download. At the moment, Microsoft will only show ads in this version if you're in the US and a Windows Insider in the Beta Channel. You won't be seeing them if you're not a beta tester or if you're using a device managed by an organization.

    Further, you can disable the advertisements altogether. To do so, just go to Personalization under Settings and then toggle off "Show recommendations for tips, app promotions, and more" in the Start section. Like any other Microsoft experiment, it may never reach wider rollout, but you may want to remember the aforementioned steps, since the company does have history of incorporating ads into its desktop platforms. Last year, Microsoft also deployed experimental promo spots for its services like OneDrive in the menu that pops up when you click on your profile photo. 

    A screenshot of the Windows 11 start menu showing an advertisement for 1Password.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/microsofts-windows-11-beta-testers-may-start-seeing-ads-in-the-start-menu-032358394.html?src=rss

  • Meta is stuffing its AI chatbot into your Instagram DMs

    On Friday, people around the web noticed a new addition to their Instagram: Meta AI, the company’s general-purpose, AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions, write poetry and generate images with a simple text prompt. The move isn’t surprising. Meta revealed Meta AI in September 2023 and has spent the last few months adding the chatbot to products like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, so adding it to Instagram seems like a no-brainer. 

    “Our generative AI-powered experiences are under development in various phases, and we’re testing a range of them publicly in a limited capacity,” a Meta spokesperson told Engadget, which suggests that not everyone has the feature available yet. TechCrunch, which first noted the news, said that Meta AI was showing up in Instagram’s search bar. But for some of us at Engadget, the feature actually showed up in the search bar in Instagram’s Direct Messaging inbox. 

    Tapping it let me start a conversation with Meta AI just I would DM a friend on Instagram. I was able to ask the chatbot to give me definitions of words, suggest headlines for some stories I’m working on, and generate images of dogs on skateboards. I was also able to ask Meta AI to recommend Reels with cats in them, which it was able to do easily.

    But when my colleague Aaron Souppouris asked Meta AI in WhatsApp to recommend Reels, it showed him some Reels in that app too — suggesting that the bot in Instagram isn’t really doing anything specific to Instagram. Instead, Meta is simply shoehorning the same chatbot into every app it owns.

    If you tap a hamburger menu within the bot, Meta AI will also show you a long list of possible actions you ask the bot to take.

    Meta AI will present a list of actions you can ask the bot to take.
    Aaron Souppouris

    Why would you want a chatbot in Instagram to suggest tips for dealing with credit card debit, have a debate about cardio versus weights, or suggest hacks to travel with points, I do not know. But the point is that if you want to, you can.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/meta-is-stuffing-its-ai-chatbot-into-your-instagram-dms-231855991.html?src=rss

  • Tesla halves the price of its Full Self Driving (Supervised) subscription to $99 per month

    The price of a monthly subscription to Tesla's (kind-of) self-driving software has just been cut in half. Tesla's Full Self Driving (Supervised) subscription now costs $99 per month, a reduction from the previous standard of $199. 

    Tesla instituted the $199 monthly upgrade fee in 2021, back when its self-driving system was still in beta. It costs $12,000 to add Full Self Driving (Supervised) — full name, every time — to a Tesla outright, so at the current rate, it'll take 10 years for the subscription to lose its value. As far as installment plans go, this one seems like a solid deal. To be fair, so was the $199 rate, which gave (self-)drivers five years before hitting $12,000 in fees.

    Tesla is doing what it can to make its EVs (and its stock) more attractive following a rough financial quarter to kick off 2024. For the first time since 2020, Tesla EV shipments fell year-over-year and they dipped significantly compared with the previous quarter. In the first months of 2024, Tesla deliveries were down eight percent yearly and down 20 percent over the final quarter of 2023. Analysts expected Tesla to ship 449,080 EVs in Q1 2024, but it delivered just 386,810.

    The company offered a free trial of Full Self Driving (Supervised), which does not make the vehicle autonomous, to Tesla drivers at the end of 2023, seemingly in an attempt to boost its bottom line before reporting came due. As of March 2024, Tesla salespeople in North America are required to demonstrate Full Self Driving (Supervised) to anyone buying a vehicle. The prices of all Model Y vehicles also rose by $1,000 on April 1.

    Tesla hasn't shared shipment numbers for the Cybertruck, which started rolling out late last year. The company is preparing to release a "next-generation low-cost" EV in 2025. Probably.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tesla-halves-the-price-of-its-full-self-driving-supervised-subscription-to-99-per-month-215321467.html?src=rss

  • Meta is testing messaging capabilities for Threads, but don’t call them DMs

    As Threads has grown to more than 130 million users, one of the major remaining “missing” features users often complain about is the lack of direct messaging abilities. But those missing out on DMs may soon have a new option to message other Threads users.

    Meta is starting to test messaging features that rely on Instagram’s inbox but allow new messages to be initiated from the Threads app. The feature has begun to appear for some Threads users, who report seeing a “message” button atop other users’ profiles where the “mention” feature used to be. A Meta spokesperson confirmed the change, saying the company was “testing the ability to send a message from Threads to Instagram.”

    Of note, Threads still doesn’t have its own inbox, and it’s not clear if it ever will. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has said multiple times that he doesn’t want to create a separate inbox for Threads, but would rather “make the Instagram inbox work” in the app. A Meta spokesperson further confirmed that “this is not a test of DMs on Threads.”

    But even though it’s not a full-fledged DM feature, the ability to send a message from the Threads app without having to switch to Instagram could at least make messaging from Threads a little less clunky. Actually checking or replying to those messages, though, will still require users to head to the Instagram app.

    That may still seem like an entirely unnecessary step, but Mosseri has pointed out that building two versions of the same inbox could easily get complicated. “If, in the end, we can’t make the Instagram inbox work for Threads, we’ll have a hard choice to make between (1) mirroring the Instagram inbox in Threads and dealing with notification routing weirdness, and (2) building a totally separate Threads inbox and dealing with the fact that you’ll have two redundant message threads with each of your friends with the same handles in two different apps,” he wrote in a post in November. “Neither seems great.”

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/meta-is-testing-messaging-capabilities-for-threads-but-dont-call-them-dms-213536876.html?src=rss

  • Epic wants to blow the Google Play Store wide open

    Back in December, Epic Games won an antitrust case against Google. A jury found that Google held an illegal monopoly on in-app billing and app distribution on Android devices, and that it engaged in anticompetitive practices with certain gaming companies and device manufacturers.

    At the time, it was unclear what Epic actually won as the remedies had not been determined. The Fortnite maker has now submitted a proposed permanent injunction against Google detailing what it wants. In short, Epic wants the Play Store to be almost wide open.

    The injunction is based on three core points, Epic noted in a blog post. First, Epic believes that Google has to let users download apps from wherever they want without it getting in the way. It says people should be able to add apps to Android devices in much the same way they can from a computer — from any app store or the web.

    Epic wants to block Google from scaring people off from downloading apps from the web (though it's okay with letting Google block malware). It also wants to stop the company from working with carriers and phone manufacturers to limit the options consumers have for downloading apps. Among other things, Epic wants restrictions on pre-installed app stores to be outlawed. So, if the injunction is approved, we might see Android phones pre-installed with a Epic Games Store app in the future.

    Second, Epic argues that Google has to allow developers and users the freedom to choose how they offer and pay for in-app purchases, "free from anticompetitive fees and restrictions." It asserts that Google has to let developers include links from their apps to websites, where they might be able to make offer discounts as they'd bypass Google's cut of in-app payments facilitated through the Play Store.

    Epic kicked off its legal battle with Google (and Apple) in 2020 by pointing out to Fortnite mobile players that they could save money by buying the V-bucks currency directly from Epic. Under the proposed injunction, Google would be prevented from trying to prevent alternative payment options through compliance programs like User Choice Billing.

    The third aim of Epic's proposed injunction is to block Google from retaliating against it (or any app or developer) for taking on app store practices. "Google has a history of malicious compliance and has attempted to circumvent legislation and regulation meant to reign in their anti-competitive control over Android devices," Epic wrote. "Our proposed injunction seeks to block Google from repeating past bad-faith tactics and open up Android devices to competition and choice for all developers and consumers."

    The injunction has more details about Epic's demands, including for Google to untangle its products and services (such as Android APIs) from the Play Store. For a period of six years, Epic wants Google to allow third-party app stores onto the Play Store without fees, and for them to have access to the Play Store's library of apps. That would also mean allowing the third-party app stores to handle updates for Play Store apps. Epic wants Google to appoint a compliance committee to ensure it's abiding by the injunction too.

    We may not have to wait too long to find out just how many of Epic's requests the court rubberstamps. Google will respond to the proposal by May 2 and a hearing on the injunction is set for May 23.

    "Epic’s filing to the US Federal Court shows again that it simply wants the benefits of Google Play without having to pay for it," a Google spokesperson told Engadget in a statement. "We’ll continue to challenge the verdict, as Android is an open mobile platform that faces fierce competition from the Apple App Store, as well as app stores on Android devices, PCs and gaming consoles.” 

    Google is having to make many similar changes in the European Union due to the bloc's Digital Markets Act. However, parent company Alphabet and Apple are already under investigation over concerns that they're not freely allowing developers to bypass the Play Store and App Store.

    Meanwhile, as a result of the DMA, Epic plans to release a mobile app store on iOS and Android in the EU later this year. It's also still battling Apple over third-party payments in the US.

    Update 4/12 5:55PM ET: Added Google's statement.

    This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/epic-wants-to-blow-the-google-play-store-wide-open-202411585.html?src=rss

Shorcode: RSS feeds into WordPress

WP_w3all phpBB WordPress 1.9.7 >

WP_w3all feed version 1.0

check all others shortcodes listed under the “common how” to section

Note that substantially this shortcode can substitute with easy all others old phpBB last topics shortcodes. It can retrieve any kind of posts/topics list and display as more like using style/classes or inline style. Follow read more below …

Note: this shortcode work ok also if a valid path to a phpBB config.php file has not been setup and the plugin result as not activated (RED text) on plugin admin page

Note also that this shortcode as it is coded, like the related WP hook, caches results for 12 hours by default

Look two raw examples

As basic default the shortcode feeds, that can point to a phpBB generated feed OR to any other valid feed resource, need to be used like this:

The example of feed to retrieve is here for phpBB, but it’s possible to use any valid feed URL to display feeds from any resource. Check some feed example to grab here http://simplepie.org/demo/ or any other you want and use into the shortcode like this:

here as example the w3feed_items_num attribute limit to 10 items to retrieve and display from the RSS source:

To display phpBB posts feeds styled, there are some more attribute that is possible to use except the default 2 above explained:

using all together, look this example, that not contain the w3feed_text_words attribute, in which, one possible value to use, is may reserved (may not) to phpBB news/last post RSS, and explained separately more below:

the attribute w3feed_ul_class=”myexampleClassXUL” will assign class name myexampleClassXUL to the wrapper element ul. w3feed_li_class do the same for nested li assigning myexampleClassXLI to all li elements of this feed.

adding w3feed_href_blank=”1″ will cause that links elements <a> that point to topics or links to authors will include/output with the html attribute target=”_blank”

w3feed_inline_style attribute can be used to inject inline style into each li element. Note that by the way it has been tested without using special chars on it, so that special characters may need to be properly escaped to be used in this case.

It’s possible to assign different classes and display each shortcode feeds output, ul and li elements, styled as it need to be or/and as more like.

Here you can see examples for phpBB to retrieve feeds: forums news, all forums, single forum, single topic and more, plus advanced features:


The w3feed_text_words=”numOfWords” attribute is may reserved to be used only for phpBB posts feeds, while the 0 (zero) and content values are ok to be used on any other feed, not only phpBB:

0 | num of words | content

if omitted w3feed_text_words=”content” is the default behavior/result, that will return all the content of the post or feed item, changing nothing on output.

while adding an integer value, as example 30, so, w3feed_text_words=”30″ will cause that firsts 30 post’s words will display, and the default Statistics: phpBB text on output removed, while will be maintained all the rest, and the result will be something like:

Post Title
Post Content
Posted by axew3 — Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:04 am

w3feed_text_words=”numOfWords” int value can may also be used for any feed and not only for phpBB posts, but check before that the result is what you expect to be.

Using 0 (zero), so w3feed_text_words=”0″ , will cause that only topic’s titles links will display.

Except the mandatory w3feed_url attribute, any of the attributes can be mixed, applied or not applied, on each shortcode feed.

WordPress phpBB
mChat integration

This procedure assume you installed the wp_w3all WordPress phpBB integration plugin (in linked or not linked users mode) into WordPress, and phpBB mChat into your phpBB. At date of this post, the code as is can be applied by anyone, but this is a raw procedure may easy to be changed by advanced users. Work fine, but to optimize at best for your site, you may have to change something on the little javascript code you’ll add as explained on install steps. You can see the concept and code to apply available here:

WordPress phpBB mChat w3all procedure

See live raw working examples here:

WordPress phpBB mChat integration example

Just a good point to start from, that can be easily improved under any aspect and to fit any needs. Will be upgraded along the time.